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DEALER SPOTLIGHT Hector Vallejo with GolfModular.com

Without a doubt, Hector Vallejo and his team at Modular Golf… are some of the most creative, hardworking installers in the panel world.

From my first visit with Hector in Mexico City, we established a friendship that has lasted over 10 years. He has helped push the limits of what the IBT panels are capable of creating. His use of the Champion panels for mini-golf courses is extraordinary. The design and fabrication of his own line of mini-golf obstacles is impressive, but more importantly, his willingness to take on the challenges such as a live green roof constructed with UBS Professional panels is inspirational. Despite economic challenges in Mexico, Hector has flourished, and he makes us all want to be better!

We salute you my friend and are anxious to see what you will surprise us with next.

Check out Modular Golf at GolfModular.com to see the entire story or click on the link below to get a glimpse of a master at work.

Rooftop Green Space

Miniature Golf Putting Course

Rooftop Putting Course

Rooftop Putting Course Video

Rooftop Putting Course Video

Miniature Putting Course (1 of 2)

Miniature Putting Course (2 of 2)