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Marriott's OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes

Ultra Base MAX Converting Concrete Court Into Field

Ultra Base Floor Flex Equestrian and Livestock Panel

Converting An Indoor Turf Field To a Court and Back

Introducing New Designer Greens by UltraBaseSystems

Wall Street Journal Article Featuring Ultra Base Systems

Featured Project Putting Green by Putters Edge

Athletic Field - Family Built Soccer Complex

Ronald McDonald Golf Putting Green Installation

Outdoor Batting Cage and Urban Greenspace Install

Outdoor Athletic Field - Henderson Hammock School

Indoor Athletic Facility - Capital Sportsplex

Mexico City Miniature Golf Course

Rowdies Baseball Stadium Entrance and Walkway

Lakeview Elementary - Outdoor Baseball Field

University of Chattanooga - U.S. Soccer Field

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Hector Vallejo with Modular Golf

From my first visit with Hector in Mexico City, we established a friendship that has lasted over 10 years. He has helped push the limits of what the IBT panels are capable of creating. installations.

Brian Groszek - GroTurf, Inc

We find there is nothing better on the market for drainage. When we are bidding on a rooftop lawn, we feel we have a big advantage with the backing of our turf…

Thorsten Klottka With PuttPro

Specializing in installations utilizing the USA made UltraBaseSystems panel technology, Thorsten Klottka and his team have created many of Germany, Austria and Switzerland’s top installations.

Ken Poole With Artificial Artisans

Ken was quick to recognize the advantages Innovative Base Technologies’ panel base technology provides as compared to outdated rock and concrete construction. From putting greens, landscape installations, playgrounds, and commercial venues, Ken has elevated the use of our interlocking panel technology to new levels.

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Target Green Test Area

Thanks to the innovative minds of Jim Dickson’s (Green Life Designs) and Ken Poole’s (Synthetic Turf Solutions) quest for putting green perfection, we have been experimenting with a technique that helps to hold a shot on a UBS panel green from 100 yards away. This installation technique uses the UltraBaseSystems Champion panel and a five [...]

Thayer Academy

Three athletic fields installed for Thayer Academy in Braintree, MA Constructed by R.A.D Sports located in Rockland, MA. 727-391-9009 or 866-921-7888 | sales@ultrabasesystems.com © 2024 ULTRA BASE SYSTEMS | 138 DUCKWORTH ROAD, DALTON, GA 30721 | PHONE: (727) 391-9009 | ULTRA BASE SYSTEMS (USA) PATENTS: U.S. PATENTS NOS. 7,930,865; 8,266,857; 6,302,803; 6,672,971; 6,672,970; 6,669,572; 6,793,586; [...]

The Market is Changing….So Should Your Base Installation System

The four projects featured and pictured below were installed over the past several months and have emphasize the incredible diversity and market opportunities UltraBaseSystems® provides.  From full-size fields in Southern California to smaller footprint playfields in Tampa and Austin, the demand for synthetic grass recreational areas is exploding, and UltraBaseSystems is at the forefront of [...]

Gilbert Lindsay Recreational Center

The ever changing  climate of the synthetic turf industry has continued to spawn exciting advancements in turf systems, infill selections and base construction technology.  Here at UltraBaseSystems, our challenge is to continue to be the innovative force behind base technology advancements. The recent AstroTurf project at Gilbert Lindsay Recreational Center was a great response to the [...]

MacKenzie Putting Course

Dave Schy just keeps on rolling with UBS Champion. Here Dave tackles a mini golf course. Extreme elevation changes and rolling contours made the Champion panels a great choice. Proper drainage and, of course, high traffic stability were all part of the decision-making process. The client and Dave made a great decision choosing UltraBaseSystems® for [...]

California Home Landscape

Here’s another front lawn make-over in Fresno, California by Dave Schy of Tru Turf. Dave simply sod cut and removed the grass, compacted the area and installed our spun bond geo stabilization fabric. The panels were positioned, locked in place and covered with turf and installed and sand infill. This heavily contoured front yard was [...]

Urban Landscape Transformation

The recent landscape project by Peter Albanes of Albanes Landscape Inc. shows just how easy any backyard can be converted to a thing of beauty with UBS panels. Clear the ground and debris, lay down our stabilization fabric and walk the panels in through the back gate to assemble. It doesn’t get much easier than [...]

Country Club Tee Line

Another successful installation by Peter Albanes. Once again UBS shows its supremacy for tee lines, golf teaching facilities and driving ranges. Both UBS Champion and Professional have demonstrated how easy it is construct a country club quality tee line. 727-391-9009 or 866-921-7888 | sales@ultrabasesystems.com © 2024 ULTRA BASE SYSTEMS | 138 DUCKWORTH ROAD, DALTON, GA [...]

Backyard Soccer Field

In the wake of the controversy of rubber fill material, Bill Collins of Putters Edge of South Florida recently finished his second non-filled soccer practice field utilizing UltraBaseSystems® Champion panels and a non-filled, low pile height, felt backed turf. Unlike Bill’s first project which replaced a natural grass yard, this project was constructed over an [...]

IMG Training Hill Installation

Our friends at Turbo Link International in Clearwater, Florida recently requested our assistance with a great project at IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida. The challenge was to transform an existing, weather-susceptible, natural grass, training hill into a stable, well-drained, synthetic turf amenity on which to endurance train the world-class athletes who attend the academy. A [...]

Tampa Bay Rays Training Field

Tampa Bay Rays Half Field Retro-Fit UltraBaseSystems® in Cooperation with AstroTurf   Natural turf half field prior to retrofit. Sod cutting existing turf. Sod is removed. Area is cleaned up and sod and debris are hauled away. Excavation was only necessary due to finished height of synthetic grass being slightly above existing base paths. Baselines [...]

2014 Fall Installations

You pick the sport, we have the answer.  From tennis to golf to baseball, UltraBaseSystems® continues to turn dreams into a reality. Hard Court   This first-ever, temporary, hard court installation was the brain child of Lubomír Schmid at Tennis Schmid. This installation was constructed over an existing clay court and the conversion was made [...]

Academy Prep Field

With supervision provided by the UBS staff and the enthusiasm of a handful of hardworking kids from Academy Prep Center in Tampa, FL, UltraBaseSystems® base panels proved once and for all our state-of-the-art synthetic turf base system is so easy a child can do it. Just watch and see for yourself what can be accomplished [...]

Pet Paradise – Atlanta

When contacted by one of the largest pet hotel chains in the country to provide a much-needed alternative to the rock and gravel sub base construction method that they used in the past, for use in their new Atlanta kennel location, we were certain that UltraBaseSystems® would perform far beyond the client’s expectations. Pet Paradise, [...]

Indian Rocks Playground

UltraBaseSystems® panels continue to show their versatility with this recently completed playground installation. This concrete, carpet-covered site was not only an eyesore but potentially dangerous for the pre-kindergarten children. A softer blend of UltraBaseSystems® panels is installed over the concrete slab in just a few hours. The flexibility of the softer panels make easy work [...]

Stadium Soccer Field

The versatility of our panel base technology for synthetic turf field construction is once again showcased at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Just days before, this showplace field was host to the AstroTurf NFLPA Collegiate Bowl setting a new standard for playability and aesthetic excellence. The 82,500 ft² (7665 m²) field was easily [...]

Home Depot Center Field Renovation

The Home Depot Center in Carson, California was the sight of a spectacular sports field transformation. In only six days, crews transformed the existing 82,500 sq ft natural grass field, which hosts David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy, into a state-of-the-art AstroTurf field. A top-notch crew of ten technicians installed over 15,000 structural base [...]

LA Field Teardown

After performing perfectly for three major sporting events in two months, it was time for this field to hit the road! UltraBaseSystems® easily handles the enormous load of the turf removal equipment without any deformation or damage. The panels were quickly disassembled and packed ready for transport. The patented UltraBaseSystems® installation process left the existing sand [...]

Concrete Paver Installation

Several years ago we created our first test plot for utilizing UltraBaseSystems® panels as the base support system for interlocking concrete pavers. We showed this concept to a top executive of one of the world's largest paver companies, his response was that nearly 70% of all paver failures are base related. We knew we were [...]

Basketball/Game Court

In February of 2006 we successfully installed modular sport tiles over our interlocking base panels, replacing the need for concrete and asphalt sub base construction. We knew immediately this technique would prove to be an important advancement in the court construction industry. The subsequent patenting of the UltraBaseSystems® panel for court construction has now made [...]

Indoor Mini Pitch Soccer Install

The installation of this 7,200 sq ft indoor soccer and multi-sport field in Largo, FL confirms UltraBaseSystems® is the industry leader in field conversions. When approached by the owner of Pinellas Indoor Soccer the goal was clear: convert the old worn out, unsafe field into a state-of-the-art UltraBaseSystems® panel-based field worthy of top caliber players. [...]

SNAG Golf Installation

When I first arrived on site I was struck by the beauty of this location, but was also overwhelmed by the magnitude of Terry Anton’s SNAG golf project. My immediate response was Terry is crazier than I am! I had spent two years planning and designing my backyard landscape project, turning my yard into my [...]

Tampa Spring Training Complex

When approached by Greg Meeks of TLI Sports, Clearwater, FL with the opportunity to provide UltraBaseSystems® to a professional baseball training facility as the base for a test area to allow team management to become acquainted with synthetic turf, we jumped on the opportunity.   The area of the facility that was in need of [...]

Ocean Front Putting Paradise

A referral from golf coach Hank Haney prompted project manager John Merrick of the Freeman Group to place a call to our Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® team, which started the ball rolling on this extraordinary rooftop putting course for the international vacation home of one of Hollywood’s top directors. The 1,500 ft² space was initially [...]

UBS Proves Landscaping Superiority

Ken Poole and his crew at Synthetic Turf Solutions installed UltraBaseSystems® panels as the base for synthetic turf to transform the landscape at this upscale, contemporary, indoor shopping mall. The crew at Synthetic Turf Solutions worked tirelessly through the night to install the UltraBaseSystems® panels throughout the mall's exterior property.   The end result is [...]

Canadian Tee Line

There is no greater source of pride for the staff of UltraBaseSystems® than when a new dealer entrusts in our product and delivers to the client results that are amazing. This 6x300 ft tee line at Beacon Hall Golf Club is just such a project. Scott Smockum and his team at Synthetic Turf International Canada [...]

SNAG Course Revisited

When we first introduced you to the lifelong vision of Terry Anton of SNAG, and his spectacular backyard course in Tahlequah, OK, we didn't think it could get any better. Well, we were wrong... Take the time to see what can happen when someone has an incredible dream, a great work ethic, and of course [...]

Indoor Sports Dome UK

If indoor sports are more to your liking, this recent installation in Seaton Carew, United Kingdom should spark your imagination. The indoor dome installation was designed as a multi-sport facility eliminating rain delays and insuring valuable practice time and game days are uninterrupted. The soccer field is nearly 60,000 sq ft and built directly on [...]

Covering the Globe

Not just in the USA, but installed in over 35 countries on 7 continents, and yes, including Antarctica! As we continue to grow and expand the UltraBaseSystems® product lines, we want to take this time to showcase some of the great projects from our network of talented installers around the globe. Our patented panel systems [...]

Dealer Spotlight

As the UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® network continues to grow, our commitment is to showcase the efforts of as many dealers as we can. It is our belief that sharing ideas, technical tips, and the photos of these creative panel base installations is of great benefit to all of us. The three installers featured below [...]

A World of Possibilities with UltraBaseSystems®

The game may be the same, but the opportunity to learn the skills to compete at an international level is hindered in many parts of the world due to the unacceptable conditions in which many children and aspiring athletes must play the game they love. The image of enthusiastic young athletes chasing a ball through [...]

Extreme Putting Green with UBS

The best part of being the owner of Tour Links Putting Greens® and UltraBaseSystems® is having the chance to recognize the extraordinary work our dealers do around the world. As the innovators and patent holders of the most successful and versatile base replacement system on the market, our panel systems continue to take the world [...]

Home Soccer Field

On the heels of a successful World Cup tournament for Team USA, the excitement for soccer here in the United States is greater than ever. We are pleased to share with you a recent home soccer field constructed by one of our new UltraBaseSystems® Florida dealers in Cape Coral, Florida utilizing UltraBaseSystems® Champion panel. This [...]

Grass to Ice Conversion

We never cease to be amazed by the diversity of UltraBaseSystems® and the creativity and desire to succeed that so many of our skilled dealers possess. This has never been more evident than this amazing facility transformation at the Downtown Courtyard Marriot hotel in Greenville, SC, created by Henry van Antwerp and Scott Giles of [...]

Doug Does Panels

I have always believed that no matter what you are going to do in life, be the very best. Doug Steeves, President of Synthetic Turf of Illinois, exemplifies this philosophy. The work showcased in this presentation not only shows the diversity of UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® panels, but how easy UBS makes growing your client [...]

Honduras Mall Soccer

These three mall soccer demo areas in Honduras were easily constructed directly on top of the polished mall floors utilizing the UltraBaseSystems® field panels. A prefabricated aluminum cage system complete with full surround netting and signage is a crowd stopping attraction used to promote the NEFERSA Sports company’s soccer program, as well as provide in-mall [...]