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DEALER SPOTLIGHT Brian Groszek - GroTurf, Inc

The biggest reason we use the UltraBase products is because we believe in them and their versatility. We find there is nothing better on the market for drainage. When we are bidding on a rooftop lawn, we feel we have a big advantage with the backing of our turf, which is 100% permeable, and the drainage capabilities of the Champion and Pro panels.

They not only keep the rooftop a smooth surface, but the drainage is unmatched. As far as a bocce ball court goes, once again, the drainage is a huge factor, but also the fact the court will always be smooth. The court will never get any indentions from throwing a ball too high onto it, if someone is goofing around and falls and their knee makes an indention on a stone based court, that will never happen with the panels.

It is a lot easier to keep the courts level with the panels for a true ball roll. As far as putting greens go, we use them to create a maintenance-free green outdoors in poor climate. If we build the green on only compacted stone base, the freeze and thaw of the stone require us to maintain the green every year as the cups can shift and or pop. By using the pro panels, it allows us to attach the cups and the whole green moves together, creating a maintenance free green, which is very attractive to a customer and sets us apart.

The Tour Links panel allows for us to build indoor custom greens to fit any space. When a customer doesn’t want the green built on stone or turf directly on the ground/concrete floor, the TL panels give us a great way to build a green and still have a cup. We are very happy with all the versatility UltraBase panels give us and feel it is a big advantage to us in selling projects of all sorts as it sets us apart from our competition.

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