2017 Buffalo Bills – Athletic Field

  In this week’s featured project we are looking at the 20,000+ sq ft brand new Buffalo Bills outdoor practice facility built by the team at Sports Fields, Inc. The Bills were looking to avoid the practice area being damaged while the blocking sled and other training equipment was being used. The movement of the […]

As Featured On Channel 8 News – UltraBaseSystems New Field Replacement With Ultra Court Systems™

UltraBaseSystems is excited and proud to announce that we are donating our latest and greatest panel, Ultra Court Systems™ to replace the old, well used Violet’s Baseball Field in St. Petersburg Florida. A big and special thanks to the Toby Hall Foundation along with Matthew Walker from the Miracle League of St. Petersburg for reaching […]

Pros and Cons of Turf Fields

When it comes to considering the pros and cons of turf fields versus that of traditional grass fields; there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration. From the onset, it’s important to state that turf fields are a constantly evolving technology. Most people just assume that turf is a standalone product, when […]

UltraBaseSystems & TourLinks – Showcasing 3-E Industries Install

In just two weeks’ time, this lucky homeowner had a brand new state-of-the-art putting course built in their backyard! Using UltraBaseSystems and Tour Links panel base systems 3E & WWG was able to equip this homeowner with the latest technology in the putting green industry.

DIY Rooftop Ideas

Do you live in a city and wish you had a space for your dog to play? Or how about a place to entertain your family and friends? Rooftops are an often underutilized space that has the potential to add value to your property and years of maintenance free enjoyment. Better yet, you can do […]

DIY Backyard Ideas

I’m sure you’ve had your days when you look at your backyard and you think, “I can do more with this.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We get this all the time. Lucky for you there are many very cool projects which will turn your uninteresting backyard into the one of your dreams. Even better, […]

Pushing Boundaries with Base Technology

Our goal is simple—establish UltraBaseSystems® (UBS) as the most versatile base system in the world! Our team was presented with the following challenges: Eliminate standing water in the horse stables Provide a more solid base under foot Create a clean, stable feeding area for cattle Provide a hog pen that is easy to maintain and […]

Small Synthetic Turf Fields Taking Root Across the Country

It’s hard for me to imagine it was nearly 25 years ago when I first became interested in synthetic grass. The world of synthetic turf putting greens was just emerging and, to be honest, many didn’t think an artificial grass putting green would ever be a replacement for a natural grass green. For the golf […]

Panel Base Technology—The Perfect Base Solution

Recently, in an interview, I was asked, “What was your inspiration for panel base technology?” It was really out of necessity. I was an avid golfer and, like every golf fanatic, wanted to have my own private putting green. When researching the options available at that time for a synthetic turf putting green, it appeared […]

Making Sports Accessible to the Masses: Advantages of a Portable Sport System

Interlocking Panel Base I first patented the concept of an interlocking panel base in 1999. When I looked at the market, there was a void when it came to an easier way to make quality sport systems accessible to a broad customer base, and a panel base system seemed like a logical approach. The panel […]

What Makes an Athletic Field Safe?

What to Look for in a Perfect Sports Field Over the last several years, an enormous amount of time and energy had been spent focusing on athletes’ head injury issues as it relates to their equipment and playing surfaces. And for the record, every dollar spent to research safer and better ways to protect children […]

When It Rains It Drains

These photographs show the drainage capabilities of UltraBaseSystems® panels. You will see from these photographs just how quickly water is removed from the surface of the turf and flows directly through the panels either into the earth through the permeable geotextile fabric or under the panels and over the impermeable geotextile to the awaiting perimeter drainage systems. Often […]

Geotextile Stability Study

Our test site in Florida was the location to see the effects of extreme load on saturated ground that was covered by UltraBaseSystems® panels and turf. The area is nearly 3 years old so it was a perfect test zone. Water was allowed to run through the turf and panels and into the compacted earth below for nearly an hour. The area chosen was approximately one interior panel of a 2000 ft² area.   […]