Foundational Panel System to Replace Concrete or Asphalt

Foundation Panel

Ultra Base Court and Floor Foundation Panel is used as a concrete or asphalt replacement base when covering with a variety of materials such as modular sport tiles, rubber sheet goods, low pile synthetic turf for game courts, or any other laminate or wood flooring.

When the situation arises to create a permeable sub-base, either temporary or permanent, without the need for extensive excavation required by concrete or asphalt, this product line makes easy work of alternative court and floor installation projects.

Panel Dimensions:
Actual panel dimension 30” x 30” x 1.25” / 762mm x 762mm x 31.75 mm | Square footage area once installed: 28” x 28”x 1.25”/ 711.2mm x 711.2mm x 31.75 mm = 5.44 ft² /.505 M²

Panel Weight:
Average panel weight: 1.86 pounds sq ft/ .84 kg per sq m 10.2 lbs per panel / 4.63 kg

Finished Corner Piece

Finished Edge Trim

ADA Compliant Court Ramp

See How Simple It Is To Assemble

Assembly Demonstration

Ultra Base interlocking Foundation Panel easily snaps together making for a quick and fast installation. Press the play button below to see how the Foundation Panel tiles can assemble.

Sport Court

Modular Sport Tiles

Courts Without Concrete. From a full court on a sandy beach to a backyard half court, the days of pouring on concrete or asphalt are gone.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf

Whether you want a synthetic turf court or to play directly on our state-of-the-art court panel solution we have the game for you.

Laminate Wood Panels

Laminate or Wood

Ultra Base panels provide a solid, stable, well-draining alternative to other bases.

Rubber Flooring Sheet

Rubber Flooring Sheet

We are the foundation of performance. Our attention to safety, drainage and player performance outshines all other installation methods.

Synthetic Ice

Synthetic Ice

From bases for natural ice, synthetic ice or courts for roller blading and running, we have the hockey solution.