DIY Rooftop Ideas

Do you live in a city and wish you had a space for your dog to play? Or how about a place to entertain your family and friends? Rooftops are an often underutilized space that has the potential to add value to your property and years of maintenance free enjoyment. Better yet, you can do many rooftop projects yourself! Here are some DIY rooftop ideas:

DIY Rooftop Idea 1: Landscapes and Paver Patios











Do you have an amazing rooftop view and want a recreational space to match? Renovating your roof will give you the comfortable spot to entertain friends and family without the hassle of maintaining a natural grass landscape. Want more than just a synthetic grass rooftop? Consider adding a patio area to give your guests the comfort of being inside all while enjoying the view your city provides.

DIY Rooftop Idea 2: Dog Areas







Live in a townhome, apartment or a busy city, and don’t have a backyard for your dog to run and play? Transform your rooftop or balcony and give your pets the freedom they need. Not only will this provide the convenience of letting your dog out, but you also won’t have to worry about your pet getting covered in dirt or mud. Another added benefit is that your dog can’t get loose and run away.

DIY Rooftop Idea 3: Athletic Courts

diy rooftop court






Your rooftop transformation is not only limited to synthetic grass and pavers. How about adding a basketball court? The photos above showcase a 5,000 square foot multi-purpose roof, featuring a synthetic turf on one side and a basketball court on the other. Transformations like this provide a place for your children to play and practice in a safe environment.

How UltraBaseSystems Can Help Bring Your Rooftop Idea to Life

DIY rooftop install










As you can see, the possibilities are endless with UltraBaseSystems! Here are some of the benefits when using our panels for a rooftop project:

  • Panels can be installed quickly allowing your dream to become a reality in less time.
  • The lightweight panels will not hurt the existing roof structure.
  • Panels provide rainwater drainage and storage.
  • Panels will keep the turf in place.
  • Have a natural grass look and feel without the maintenance.


Start Planning Your Project Today!

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