Ultra Base Drainage Panels

When it rains, our panels drain. Our patented panel design provides superior vertical and horizontal drainage performance while additionally storing rainwater under the panel as it filters into the ground or runs horizontally through the panels’ exterior drain ports.  From Turf to Courts, UBS keeps the action going.

Ultrabase Field verses Regular Field

Artificial Grass Drainage System

Ultra Base panels function both as a foundation and a drainage system which make the panels an ideal choice as a base system for artificial turf solutions like fields, playgrounds, rooftops, lawns and more. Learn more about how Ultra Base panels work to efficiently drain water through artificial grass to avoid stagnant water build up.

Drainage Tile Next to Turf

Recommended Panels

The Ultra Base Panels ideal for creating artificial drainage systems are our Champion and Professional panels.

Champion Panel

Ultra Base Systems


Professional Panel

Ultra Base Systems