Pushing Boundaries with Base Technology

Our goal is simple—establish UltraBaseSystems® (UBS) as the most versatile base system in the world! Our team was presented with the following challenges:

  • Eliminate standing water in the horse stables
  • Provide a more solid base under foot
  • Create a clean, stable feeding area for cattle
  • Provide a hog pen that is easy to maintain and less abrasive on the hogs’ feet
  • Provide an alternative to heavy rubber mats used in horse travel trailers

Florida’s Career Academies of Seminole afforded us the opportunity to experiment using UltraBaseSystems panels in their livestock areas to find solutions for these industry problems. In all instances, UltraBaseSystems panels provided superior vertical and horizontal drainage, stable anti-skid flooring and engineered support for these four-footed animals. Each area was constructed with panels from several different material blends which created a range of panel hardness, softness, and traction. While creating these test areas, our team is working closely with school administrators, veterinarians, veterinarian technicians and hundreds of students to determine exactly which system provides the best overall solution. Every UltraBaseSystems successful market started with a vision, a test site, and the data in order to create a marketable solution. The agricultural/livestock market is no different. We are confident the UBS system will be exemplary as a cost effective alternative base replacement for livestock. We will be sharing more information with you as our test area data becomes available. I look forward to seeing y’all “down on the farm.”

Horse Stables
The horse stables were completely unlevel allowing water to pool and, as a result, horses were standing in mud and water for long periods of time which is a very unhealthy situation for the horses. In our search for a solution to this issue, we leveled and compacted the area, installed a high-flow geosynthetic stabilization fabric and covered it with UltraBaseSystems Professional Panels. When the installation was completed we ran a plate compactor over the panels to slightly flatten the turf barbs while maintaining good traction for the animals. The veterinarian technicians then deposited one-inch of bedding material on top of the panels to assist with manure cleanup and provide a more familiar feel for the horses. The second stable was constructed using the same method as the first minus bedding material in order to observe any differences in the horses’ interaction with the panels.

Cattle Feeding Area
The cattle feeding area had similar issues to the horse stables. This area experienced high traffic which caused a muddy area allowing standing water to develop. This test pasture area was installed by cutting the grass with a string trimmer, raking the debris and compacting the ground. A high-flow geosynthetic stabilization fabric was laid in place and the UltraBaseSystems Professional Panels installed. The perimeter edge teeth of the panels were cut off to create a smooth transition from the panels to the ground. All that was left was to pour some feed into the trough and observe.

Hog Pen

The task for this test area was to create a floor that would be easy to clean and be less abrasive on the pigs’ feet while providing solid footing for small footed animals. To achieve this, the concrete pens were simply overlaid with the UltraBaseSystems panels extending to the outer wall. As a result, the pigs can rest on a clean surface and the owners can easily spray the pen clean.

Horse Travel Trailers
The current preferred flooring method for horse trailers is use of heavy rubber mats which provide quite the challenge for the animal owners when it comes time to clean the trailer.  The rubber mat flooring is extremely heavy and needs to be removed from the trailer prior to cleaning. Additionally, the urine is trapped under the mats which not only adds weight, but creates an unsanitary environment. Our solution is the UltraBaseSystems Champion Panels which are manufactured with a slight rubber blend to provide a nonskid, well-draining flooring system that can be washed down without removing the panels and, as we have learned, is a dream scenario for livestock owners.

This is only the beginning for UBS and the livestock/equestrian market. The possibilities are endless:

  • Arenas
  • Dressage Rings
  • Walkways Between Stalls
  • Livestock Judging Areas
  • Race Horse Rehabilitation Centers

We named our company Innovative Base Technologies for a reason–to establish ourselves as the leader in base technology innovation. We identify the problem, listen to the experts and work together to develop a solution. This is the driving force behind providing the best base solution for every market.