Every UBS panel is made with the environment in mind. Millions of pounds of recycled materials are utilized annually reducing landfill waste and decreasing our carbon footprint. You have our word on it.

Sub Base for Artificial Grass & Turf

Simply put, Ultra Base is the best material for creating a sub base for artificial grass and synthetic turf construction projects. Our systems cut installation time by approximately 40% while reducing the need for heavy construction equipment. With Ultra Base, you complete more installations, more safely, with less damage to the environment.

Ultra Base panels are a better option than traditional aggregates like crush miscellaneous base (CMB), Class II road base, and decomposed granite/limestone chippings for several reasons. Ultra Base panels offer a stable foundation base system for your artificial grass, while traditional aggregates can shift and settle over time, causing unevenness in the surface. Ultra-Base panels have been rigorously tested and developed to meet the unique needs of synthetic turf installations, including superior water drainage. Ultra-Base panels provide excellent drainage capabilities due to the patented design, which allows water to filter into the ground or run horizontally through the panel’s exterior drain ports.

Ultra Base panels are easier and quicker to install than traditional aggregates, which requires a significant amount of labor and time to prepare and compact the surface before laying the artificial grass. In contrast, Ultra Base panels can be easily assembled and installed, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Overall, Ultra Base panels offer superior stability, drainage, and ease of installation compared to traditional aggregates, making them a better sub base material for artificial turf.

Less Time = Less Labor = Less Cost

Plus, Ultra Base works better than traditional 4” rock bases.

Sub base for artificial grass lawn

Creates a More
Uniform Surface

  • Overcomes sub base irregularities
  • Conforms to landscape contours
  • Provides smooth transition from panel to panel
Base material for artificial turf pool deck

Drains More

  • Panel design offers superior vertical and horizontal flow
  • Panel design provides water storage capacity under the panel
Artificial grass on UltraBase sub base


  • Does not move like landscape spikes
  • Turf barbs provide added slip resistance
  • Structural design provides heavy rolling load capacity.

Artificial Grass Base Panels


Ultra Base Systems





Ultra Base Systems




How Does Ultra Base Panels Work?

Preparation of sub base for artificial grass


Lay down of base materials for artificial turf installation


Sub base materials for artificial turf lawn


Artificial grass lawn on UltraBase turf base system


The installation practices shown above have proven to be successful in many installation scenarios, however every installation environment is different. If/when there are concerns or questions about soil drainage or stability, hiring a professional geo-engineer is always advised.

Turf Base Installation
Photo Gallery

1. The Ultra Base System is designed to conform to contours in the landscape while still providing a smooth, even surface. Plus, the panel design provides superior vertical and horizontal flow – ideal for use in areas where drainage is a concern.

Installing artificial grass base
Artificial Grass Drainage System

2. Ultra Base Panels align perfectly to create an even, safe surface with superior draining capabilities ideal for high traffic facilities.

Best base for artificial grass
Synthetic grass courtyard placed on Ultra Base panels

3. The lightweight design of Ultra Base Systems makes them ideal for load-restricted applications like this rooftop putting course.

Putting Green Panels for Rooftop Putting Course
Rooftop Putting Course with Tour Links Putting Greens

4. Ultra Base Systems are an ideal solution for artificial grass fields.

Base for synthetic turf soccer field
Synthetic Turf Soccer Field Featuring Ultra Base sub base

Artificial Grass Drainage System

Ultra Base Systems provides three unique drainage panels with different levels of support and drainage. Depending on your chosen surface application, you can choose from which tile will work best for your space. Ultra Base drainage tiles keep your surface dry and ready for max performance.

Drainage Tile

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