We should know about panel base replacement technology, we invented it over 20 years ago. As enthusiasm for our products expanded the need for larger and more versatile options became clear. Our fans wanted more.  21 years later with dozens of patents issued around the globe Innovative Base Technologies and its family of base replacement panels is leading the way for the next generation of synthetic turf installations , court construction and easy to install floor systems.  Courts without concrete, athletic fields without stone and installations without limits is our signature. Tens of millions of sq. ft of Ultra base have been installed in over 40 countries and on every continent on the planet.  We are the Foundation of Performance.

Headquartered in St Petersburg Florida UBS manufactures all of our products proudly in the USA and made from recycled and recyclable  postindustrial scrap material.  We were green when green wasn’t cool.

2010 - UBS Professional panel is introduced. Ultra Base reinvents synthetic turf field installation techniques.

2014 - UBS Champion panel introduced. Easy synthetic turf lawn installation is now a reality.

Our founder, Dave Barlow achieved a Masters degree in Fine Art in 1982 from The Rinehart School of Sculpture and treats every panel design as a work of art.  Our sales team is here to educate you the customer on the ease of installation as well as the endless performance and design advantages we bring to installers of all levels.  Our talented staff of installation gurus , sales specialist, creative graphic artist and logistic experts are here to serve. From a single box of our floating golf cups  to full truck loads of panels, we treat every sale with the same care and attention. We don’t always get it perfect but no company in the industry will work harder to make it right.   You have our word on it.

Easier installations, Better results,  No limitations.

2018 - UBS Court & Floor panels introduced. Courts without concrete are now a reality.

2019- UBS MAX panel introduced. The next generation of safe, better performing fields and playgrounds has arrived.