Superior Vertical and Horizontal Drainage

Drainage Performance Tile

Drainage Tile

For applications that require extensive drainage or regular cleaning, Ultra Base often incorporates a drain tile underlayment utilizing our exclusive interlocking plastic tiles. Ideal for landscaping, rooftops, pet parks, and water play surfaces, our antimicrobial, interlocking tile system features a number of benefits that improve the performance, durability and safety of the turf system.

Tile Dimensions:
10.13” x 10.13” x .75” / 25.7cm x 25.7cm x 1.9cm

Tile Weight:
0.55 lbs per sq ft / .0003 kg per sq cm

0.95 lbs / 0.43 kg per tile

Applications For The Drainage Tile


Golf Solution

We invented base panels for putting greens over a decade ago. It’s all about perfect ball roll and our artificial grass base panels provide a leveled green to play on. Dead flat or contoured to challenge any skill level, Ultra Base Systems is improving golfers’ games everywhere.


Landscaping Solution

Stop living in the Stone Age. The days of invasively excavating the front yard or commercial property in order to install synthetic turf and filling it with dusty stone are gone! Ultra Base Systems makes installing landscaping turf in any commercial or residential location easier and faster than ever before. Learn more about how our artificial grass base technology makes installation easier.

Rooftop Solution

Rooftop Solution

Once considered to be a space only occupied by air conditioning units and pigeons, rooftops have taken on a new identity for recreation and leisure. The lightweight drainage panel delivers unprecedented vertical and horizontal drainage, structural superiority underfoot, and the flexibility to follow any rooftop irregularities. The Ultra Base rooftop panel is the perfect choice for transforming rooftops into highly functional recreation and sports environments.

Kennel Solution

Designed to drain quickly, our artificial grass base panel allows pet waste to quickly wash through and be absorbed into the ground.