Introducing Ultra Base MAX - The Next Generation of Base Technology for Athletic Fields

Ultra Base Systems is changing the industry again! Say hello to Ultra Base MAX the revolutionary new panel from IBT. Ultra Base MAX combines all the properties that you’ve come to rely on from Ultra Base Systems fused with a state-of-the-art shock absorbing membrane, Ultra Base MAX delivers unprecedented safety, performance, and of course the drainage you have come to expect from IBT products. Installation has never been easier with our patented “Drop-‘N-Lock” technology, making project installation faster than ever. All this results in a technology unlike anything ever seen in the synthetic turf industry.

"It's perfect, you dig in and you don't slide through, you don't get stuck in it at all, or slide at all. It's just like a normal field, no of the traction is any different."

– Ryan Stanley, Largo United Soccer Club

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