ADA Compliant, Perfect for Rooftops

Elite Panel

At two inches in height, the Elite panel is designed to bridge unsupported distances up to 8” wide. The structural stability is perfect for use with rooftop systems or spanning between wooden joists up to 8” on center. Strength, planarity, and drainage make the Elite panel the perfect choice for an elevated installation.

Panel Dimensions:
Actual panel dimension: 25 ¾” x 25 ¾” x 2”/654mm x 654mm x 50.8mm |
Square footage area once installed: 23” x 23” x 2”/ 579.34 x 579.34mm x 50.8mm = 3.61 ft.² /.338 sq m

Panel Weight:
Average panel weight: 2.28 pounds/1.03kg per sq ft, 8.3 lbs /3.76 kg per panel



SENI Panel


Vertical Drainage:

175” per hour

Load Capacity:

PSI: Minimum of 300 lbs. per sq. in

Elevating Synthetic Grass to New Heights

The rigidity of the Ultra Base Elite interlocking teeth when coupled with 2” of support ribs makes the Elite panel the perfect choice for bridging unsupported subgrades. The panel is still capable of conforming to existing ground contours but the engineered design virtually eliminates flex on panel joints.

The structural superiority opens the door for installations when building on installed supports such as floor joists or other support methods. No longer is building on a surface, such as a rooftop, with exposed electrical conduits or waterlines an issue. Call on Ultra Base Elite panel to elevate your next troublesome installation to new heights.

Elite Panel Installation Profiles: