Panel Base Technology—The Perfect Base Solution

back yard putting green with landscape

Dave Barlow’s Backyard Putting Green

Recently, in an interview, I was asked, “What was your inspiration for panel base technology?” It was really out of necessity. I was an avid golfer and, like every golf fanatic, wanted to have my own private putting green. When researching the options available at that time for a synthetic turf putting green, it appeared I was out of luck…my yard had too many trees. Using traditional industry procedures such as a concrete slab base or a compacted stone base was not going to work. Limited accessibility to the area, as well as the health risk to the trees, left me with no viable solutions. I couldn’t be the only guy with accessibility issues. There had to be a solution. What do people do if they

  • Have no/limited access
  • Have zoning restrictions
  • Have drainage concerns
  • Want to do a rooftop project
  • Have an area with many tree roots but don’t want to disturb the trees
  • Want to do an indoor project
  • Live in an area where organic materials such as stone are in limited supply

Options were limited. But today, the base can be the solution.

The Solution to these Obstacles

  • Limited access areas
  • Raw materials not readily available
  • Raw materials too costly
  • Limited availability/affordability of equipment
  • Labor intensive installation processes
Installed by Albanes Landscaping


Over the last 15 years, I have watched the industry change dramatically. Water restrictions, limited available land, increased populations, ever-evolving sports, like soccer, have all contributed to the demand for synthetic turf areas and athletic court surfaces to be placed in what once was considered unusable or, at best, undesirable locations. And why not? If I live in an apartment in New York City or a townhome in San Francisco, shouldn’t I be able to practice my favorite sport or take my dog for a bathroom break despite where I have chosen to live? Of course I should, and that’s where the industry is heading.

It’s not always about the customers’ desire to have a recreational area in an unusual place. Often times it is simply a matter of material not being available to support the old fashioned traditional base methodologies. For example, if you are given the task to build a stone base in somewhere, like the Caribbean or parts of Africa, good luck because proper drain stone isn’t available. At times, even though raw materials are readily available, installers are confronted with extremely high costing. Construction materials change from state to state and country to country. There is no consistency.

Even if raw materials are plentiful, what about equipment and labor? Traditional base work is nothing but labor intensive! Hundreds of truckloads of soil out and hundreds of truck loads in. The equipment to dig and grade a field is not always available. I have been on job sites in the USA where the piece of equipment that was really needed was either too expensive to rent or ten hours away. All of this led me to come to this conclusion–there must be a better solution, and if I couldn’t find it, I would invent it. And invent I did!

Ultimate Base Solution

UltraBaseSystems was created with one goal in mind. Be the solution and change the industry forever! Our goal was, and still is to deliver to end-user customers an intelligent approach to base construction affording them the opportunity to construct their dream project regardless of location, climate or obstacles. Knock down accessibility issues, decrease project cost and, as a result, provide our large dealer network the tool they needed to install more athletic and recreational surfaces, which ultimately will lead to more square footage being sold on an annual basis. Time is money and UBS saves time. We are setting a new level of performance and aesthetic perfection with every installation.

I invite you to explore this site to learn why we are the perfect solution for any installation. I set out to find a solution for my golf game and now, seven USA and International patents later, have created a new product category changing the lives of customers, designers and contractors forever.

We welcome the opportunity to share you the UBS vision and working with you on your next project.