2017 Buffalo Bills – Athletic Field



In this week’s featured project we are looking at the 20,000+ sq ft brand new Buffalo Bills outdoor practice facility built by the team at Sports Fields, Inc.

The Bills were looking to avoid the practice area being damaged while the blocking sled and other training equipment was being used. The movement of the blocking sled equipment would create uneven and inconsistent terrain by digging into the stone base under the turf, ultimately resulting in deformation which could create an unsafe practice area.

By using our UltraBaseSystems Champion Panel on top of the subbase and installing synthetic turf on top of the UBS panels, the Bills have now completely averted this issue. The Champion Panels act as a permeable, structural, load-bearing, non-slip base for the new synthetic turf, resulting in a practice area able to withstand the forces of the lineman and the practice equipment. Learn more about this project and how our technology can work for you: https://ultrabasesystems.com/panel-technology/champion-panel/

This installation was done by: Sports Field, Inc. (http://fields-inc.com/)