DIY Backyard Ideas

I’m sure you’ve had your days when you look at your backyard and you think, “I can do more with this.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We get this all the time. Lucky for you there are many very cool projects which will turn your uninteresting backyard into the one of your dreams. Even better, you can do many projects yourself, allowing you to save money and get your hands dirty doing something active.

DIY Home Putting Green

diy putting green








A home putting green is perfect for anyone who likes working on their putting game without having to leave home. It also can be a great source of entertainment and fun when hanging with your friends or hosting a party. On top of all its benefits, it just looks awesome to have a putting green in your backyard.

DIY Paver Seating Area









Have you ever wanted an area in your backyard where you could entertain your friends and family? Why not add a paver patio area—it will enhance your outdoor space! Throw in a grill, add a nice table and chairs and you’ll be ready to entertain your guests.

DIY Pet Area







Have an unsightly concrete slab or an area that grass won’t grow? How about covering it with something more visually pleasing and useful. For all the pet lovers out there, how about doing something for your beloved furry friend by creating a synthetic turf kennel or an outdoor play area? Both will allow your pet to roam and roll around with no worries of dirt or mud.

How to Make it Happen!







UltraBaseSystems panels will make easy work of any project. Our panels eliminate extensive base work, allowing your project to be completed in less time compared to traditional methods. This will save you money in both labor and equipment costs.

Added benefits of UltraBaseSystems Panels:

  • Installation is a snap! The panels lock easily into one another.
  • Superior drainage and water storage keeps your backyard dry.
  • Structural ribs support heavy loads, so no need to worry about leaving your car on the panels.
  • Panels can conform to existing terrain.

Start Planning Your Project Today!

If you’d like to learn more about UltraBaseSystems panels and get guidance in planning your new dream backyard, call us today at  (866) 921-7888 or learn more here.