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What Makes an Athletic Field Safe?


What to Look for in a Perfect Sports Field Over the last several years, an enormous amount of time and energy had been spent focusing on athletes’ head injury issues as it relates to their equipment and playing surfaces. And…

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When It Rains It Drains

man walking on artificial turf

These photographs show the drainage capabilities of UltraBaseSystems® panels. You will see from these photographs just how quickly water is removed from the surface of the turf and flows directly through the panels either into the earth through the permeable geotextile fabric…

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Geotextile Stability Study

a close up of the ground after base panel is removed

Our test site in Florida was the location to see the effects of extreme load on saturated ground that was covered by UltraBaseSystems® panels and turf. The area is nearly 3 years old so it was a perfect test zone. Water was allowed to run through the turf and panels and into…

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