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Ocean Front Putting Paradise

A referral from golf coach Hank Haney prompted project manager John Merrick of the Freeman Group to place a call to our Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® team, which started the ball rolling on this extraordinary rooftop putting course for the international vacation home of one of Hollywood’s top directors.

The 1,500 ft² space was initially scheduled to be a large planting area on the 7,000 ft² roof overlooking the ocean. Creative minds came together, and this six-hole putting course was designed and has proved to be one of our favorite projects yet.

UltraBaseSystems® owner Dave Barlow discusses the project process with John Merrick and Shane Hughes.



Standard operating procedures were in place for this installation. The pre-cut turf was laid in place to check design dimensions.

To create the contours Hank Haney designed, the fill material was muscled to the roof by this hardworking crew.

After all the contours were created to the proper elevations, the UBS geo fabric was installed and quickly followed with UltraBaseSystems® panels.


The panels were cut to fit the turf and around the pre-poured waterfall and stream that runs through and under the putting surface. The turf was carefully positioned and seamed. Once dry, the rubberized action back turf was stretched and stapled with the help of Shane Hughes of Hughes Golf Greens. Our helpers meticulously rolled and fluffed the turf to eliminate any staple marks.

Pre-installed cups were cut into the turf and the outer edge of the panels were packed with fill material for strength.


Ceramic fill was spread into the dense nylon turf, broomed, and rolled repeatedly. A quick watering and the course was ready for the landscape crew to do their magic.


The end result is a showplace putting course designed by one of golf’s top teachers, Los Angeles’ premier builder and architects, and built with the best putting green system on the market today.

Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® once again prove their spot as the finest putting green system on the planet.


Catch the wave of panel base technology.

Canadian Tee Line

There is no greater source of pride for the staff of Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® than when a new dealer entrusts in our product and delivers to the client results that are amazing.

This 6×300 ft tee line at Beacon Hall Golf Club is just such a project. Scott Smockum and his team at Synthetic Turf International Canada showed all of us just how simple installing with UBS and Tour Links® panels can be. The week-long project was made easy due to the skill and planning of this group of synthetic turf installers.

You have our respect and gratitude. We look forward to many more great projects in the future.

There really isn’t much to say that we haven’t said before.

  • Remove the organics
  • Add some stone dust for stabilization
  • Lay out the geosynthetic stabilization fabric
  • Install the turf

Some finishing touches

Start practicing!


It’s that simple! Well done!

SNAG Course Revisited

When we first introduced you to the lifelong vision of Terry Anton of SNAG, and his spectacular backyard course in Tahlequah, OK, we didn’t think it could get any better.

Well, we were wrong…

Take the time to see what can happen when someone has an incredible dream, a great work ethic, and of course UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® on his side. Anything is possible!


From the multicolored 10×10 ft tee boxes, to the 1,200 sq ft greens, UltraBaseSystems® provided the perfect solution for this flagship project.

All eyes were focused on this incredible installation.

A few pictures as a reminder of how it all began. With the help of UltraBaseSystems®, Terry’s vision for his SNAG course went from this…


SNAG Golf Course Oklahoma…To this! Congratulations, Terry. Your SNAG course is amazing!



Indoor Sports Dome UK

If indoor sports are more to your liking, this recent installation in Seaton Carew, United Kingdom should spark your imagination.

The indoor dome installation was designed as a multi-sport facility eliminating rain delays and insuring valuable practice time and game days are uninterrupted.

The soccer field is nearly 60,000 sq ft and built directly on top of the compacted and graded existing sub base. As with all of our installations on earth, the ground was meticulously prepared in preparation of the geo fabric and panels.


The crew from European Turf installed the panels in 4 days, paying close attention to border gaps and straight rows from panel to panel to assure easy assembly.

Once the panels were installed and inspected, the Rhino Turf was positioned and seamed and infill applied. The results were a beautiful facility that can be easily divided into several mini pitch areas or one larger perfect field.


Throw in a state-of-the-art golf teaching center and mini golf course, one has no reason to ever play in the rain again.

Our thanks to Arnoud Fiolet and Bryn Lee for this awesome showcase project and we look forward seeing many more in the very near future.


Dealer Spotlight

As the UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® network continues to grow, our commitment is to showcase the efforts of as many dealers as we can. It is our belief that sharing ideas, technical tips, and the photos of these creative panel base installations is of great benefit to all of us.

The three installers featured below reside in Taiwan, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Different languages and cultures but the same goals: provide the best synthetic turf installations possible. Tour Links® and UBS are bringing the synthetic turf world together unlike any product on the market. We are pleased to introduce you to Ken Wang, Berthold Binder, and Leon Van Zijl.

Ken Wang of Synergy Turfs

Berthold Binder – Arcadia GmbH

Leon Van Zijl – Van Zijl bv

Extreme Putting Green with UBS

The best part of being the owner of Tour Links Putting Greens® and UltraBaseSystems® is having the chance to recognize the extraordinary work our dealers do around the world. As the innovators and patent holders of the most successful and versatile base replacement system on the market, our panel systems continue to take the world by storm.

It is my honor to share with you another amazing project recently completed by Heritage Synthetic Turf, located in Anderson, SC. Although HST is located in SC, they have installed in 44 of the 50 states, as well as several projects abroad. This spectacular home practice facility was created to help train one of the top 10 junior golfers in the nation. The experts at HST worked closely with the coaches, family, and student to create a practice/training facility that rivals any top teaching academy in the world. It doesn’t get any better than this!

We ask you to pay particular attention to the slopes, contours, and deep pot bunkers that were created using the UBS technology. I have said it a million times – anything is possible when our panel system is put in the hands of very creative and skilled technicians.

From world-class putting facilities to outdoor stadiums, trust the innovators of panel base technology with your next project and allow us to share your story with the world. Congratulations to the team at Heritage Synthetic Turf and we look forward to seeing the next amazing installation. I know there will be many more.

– Dave Barlow

Doug Does Panels

I have always believed that no matter what you are going to do in life, be the very best. Doug Steeves, President of Synthetic Turf of Illinois, exemplifies this philosophy. The work showcased in this presentation not only shows the diversity of UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® panels, but how easy UBS makes growing your client base regardless of the customers’ needs. We believe that our panel system has no limits, and obviously Doug shares our vision. From a 3,000 sq ft playground to a 5,000 sq ft multipurpose, rooftop, athletic play area overlooking the skyline of Chicago to creating golf training areas in hundreds of homes across Chicago; Doug has panel base installation down to an art.

Thanks again to Doug Steeves and Synthetic Turf of Illinois. Be sure to visit their site or call (855) 796-8873. We hope you enjoyed these photos and gain inspiration from one of the best in our family of installers.

Doug Does Playground Flooring

Doug Does Athletic Courts and Greenscapes

Doug Does Artificial Putting Greens