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Target Green Test Area

Thanks to the innovative minds of Jim Dickson’s (Green Life Designs) and Ken Poole’s (Synthetic Turf Solutions) quest for putting green perfection, we have been experimenting with a technique that helps to hold a shot on a UBS panel green from 100 yards away. This installation technique uses the UltraBaseSystems Champion panel and a five millimeter foam underlayment which is a viable option for creating a minimally filled target and putting green. The installation photos and video below show the process used in creating this green which includes a non-filled turf system combined with adding ¾ pound of sand per square foot to the green for improved ball impact performance.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you have about this target green installation.

The Market is Changing….So Should Your Base Installation System

The four projects featured and pictured below were installed over the past several months and have emphasize the incredible diversity and market opportunities UltraBaseSystems® provides.  From full-size fields in Southern California to smaller footprint playfields in Tampa and Austin, the demand for synthetic grass recreational areas is exploding, and UltraBaseSystems is at the forefront of this turf revolution.

Why UltraBaseSystems? Simply stated, it just makes sense! Safety, drainage, aesthetic excellence, ease of installation and cost effectiveness make this an all-in-one, common-sense product.

For years, the small market fields have been overlooked due to the impracticality of moving the necessary heavy equipment in to lower budget job sites.  UltraBaseSystems eliminated these logistical barriers.  Three of the featured installations involved simply removing the vegetation, grading and compacting the sub grade, selecting the proper stabilization fabric and getting to work with the UBS panels and turf. In less than a week, what was once an unsafe dirt field became a state-of-the-art synthetic turf masterpiece ready for years of fun and enjoyment.

Don’t be left behind on this newest trend in mini fields. Let the team at UltraBaseSystems show you just how easy making fun can be!


KYA is a first class surfacing solutions company located in Southern California.  Service and value is always the #1 priority. This 89,129 sq. ft.  project was constructed on  an asphalt sub base, with the KYA team using UltraBaseSystems Champion panels as their turf base. The extreme horizontal drainage, coupled with industry required GMAX and superior athletic performance characteristics made UBS the right soluton for the project.

Mono filiment sports turf with four pounds of infill created a consistent, safety focused, well-drained, performance-driven, athletic field. KYA has completed four of these innovative systems in California with more in the planning process. Great job KYA and all the members of your team!

Hendy Turf

Jim Henderson of Hendy Turf in Deltona, Florida was a first time user of the UBS panel system.  This model charter school, located in Temple Terrace, Florida, was recently completed and is now ready for a state-of-the-art sports facility that matches the caliber of education these great kids are receiving.

“We had a great experience using the UltraBase system on our latest project in Tampa. The staff went above and beyond to ensure the product was delivered correctly and on time. They also arrived the following day offering hands on training to our entire crew on product and installation. We found the UltraBase system easy to install and the final outcome flawless. We would highly recommend this product and will be using it again in the future.” Jim Henderson Owner of Hendy Turf

Once again, installation was uncomplicated. The area was graded to the existing drainage system, rolled smooth, and our SF65 permeable geo stabilization fabric installed. Here in Florida, soils are not typically an issue so a permeable system for drainage worked great. The four-man crew was able to install this 31,552 sq ft area with panels in just a few days and move directly to turf and fill.  In a little over a week, Jim and his crew transformed a muddy construction site in to a beautiful sports complex ready for years of activity and fun. Jim has plans for many more of these small size fields to be constructed in the next year, and UBS will be proud to be part of this great program initiative. Click here to see more on this installation

Austin Courts & Floors, Inc.

With the help of Greg Dettman and the team at Austin Courts & Floors, Inc., this Austin private school had previously transformed their playground and athletic court facility, but it was time to give the 6,093 sq. ft recreational field a major face lift. Vegetation was removed, proper drainage grading was achieved and impermeable stabilization fabric was selected to eliminate the need for the clay soil removal.

The UltraBase Panels were carefully and quickly installed and new turf rolled out, seamed and filled. What a transformation in just a few days. Our thanks to Greg and his team for sharing this terrific installation!

Putters Edge of South Florida

Bill Collins with Putter’s Edge of South Florida was given the challenge to build a high quality backyard soccer field for a global music icon’s  large waterfront home.  This demanding  project required removal of over 50 trees and heavy landscaping.  The finished field size is 84′ x 34′ and required over 400 Champion panels, 15 tons of fill and 3,000 Sq Ft of non-infill athletic turf.

Because the field was in the middle of the property, there were many access and drainage issues.  The drainage had to be able to handle Florida’s heavy summer rains. The installation of the panels had to be correct to handle this and still provide a ‘true roll environment’.  The turf was installed in 12 foot sections with fringe around the entire field and the entry area from the house.  The field was finished with 18” rubber tiles to provide a runoff area and finish the look.

Once again Bill Collins and team has proven how easy it is to bring a professional stadium quality field outside of your back door.

Congratulations to Bill and entire team!

DeShayes Dream Greens 

Joe DeShayes, owner of DeShayes Dream Greens, has been a longtime customer of Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® and provides his customers with some of the most creative synthetic grass putting greens imaginable.  Understanding the panel technology as well as Joe does, there were no issues for his team when migrating to the home practice field arena. This latest installation from DeShayes Dream Greens should serve to inspire everyone to realize the enormous opportunities that UltraBaseSystems can bring to your next project.

“This 2,800 + square foot residential Hockey turf practice field was a clean and simple install thanks to the UltraBaseSystems.   By using UltraBase panels we were able to ensure proper drainage and guarantee the planarity of the turf over time, even with the typical freeze thaw cycle in NJ. None of our competitors were able to do the same using alternate base construction. I have used many different base systems over the past 20 years and have found the UltraBase system to be the best for overall performance and ease of installation. Thanks again for supplying us with the best sports turf base on the market!” Joe DeShayes III

As you can see, for these individual projects ranging from 89,129 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft, UltraBaseSystems provides the most versatile base solution in the world and delivers it right to your job site.

Be sure to contact our sales team. They are standing by ready to help you turn your next great installation idea into a reality.

MacKenzie Putting Course

Dave Schy just keeps on rolling with UBS Champion. Here Dave tackles a mini golf course. Extreme elevation changes and rolling contours made the Champion panels a great choice. Proper drainage and, of course, high traffic stability were all part of the decision-making process. The client and Dave made a great decision choosing UltraBaseSystems® for this showplace installation. Thanks again to Tru Turf.

Country Club Tee Line

Another successful installation by Peter Albanes. Once again UBS shows its supremacy for tee lines, golf teaching facilities and driving ranges. Both UBS Champion and Professional have demonstrated how easy it is construct a country club quality tee line.

Will the panels allow for shots to be hit to the green?

Hitting balls in to the green has more to do with the turf and the infill recipe of sand and rubber than the panels. We are working on base prep ideas to make the turf selection not as critical and this will be a major advantage for the putting green installers. So, yes you can hit shots in to a panel green just like a rock base green but make sure the installer knows his stuff.

Why are panels better to putt on than a rock base?

Easy!  A rock base can never be perfect. Someone stomping across the green can cause a dent in the sub base or an over industrious critter under the turf can destroy a base over night. Not to mention drainage issues. With UltraBaseSystems, you are putting on an engineered, near perfect base. It’s all about ball roll, and turf rolls better on UBS than rock. That’s a fact!!

The panels seem flat and rigid, but I want a contoured putting green like the one at my club.

The world isn’t flat and neither should your putting green. It may not seem like it at first glance, but the patented UDS design allows our panels to follow every contour or slope the USGA allows. We have been the “go to” product worldwide for nearly every major golf organization as well as most of the top club and equipment manufacturers. We do golf better than any other product in the world, and we prove it every day.

2014 Fall Installations

You pick the sport, we have the answer.  From tennis to golf to baseball, UltraBaseSystems® continues to turn dreams into a reality.

Hard Court


This first-ever, temporary, hard court installation was the brain child of Lubomír Schmid at Tennis Schmid. This installation was constructed over an existing clay court and the conversion was made possible with UBS Professional series panels.

Sand-Filled Tennis Court


This existing clay court eyesore was transformed into a thing of beauty with UBS Professional series panels, Wimbledon artificial sand-filled turf, and the skilled artisans at Tennis Schmid.

Long Island


Once again, Jim Dickson of Green Life Designs shows his skills in creating a nine-hole mini golf course for this extraordinary group of kids in New York. UBS Professional series panels, pre-cut fringe, and our Mini Links green designs helped turn this dream into reality. What can we say, Jim? You are the best!

Staten Island


Hats off to Sports Field Contractors for this quick retrofit of an existing dirt Little League field in Staten Island, NY. UBS Champion series panels made easy work of this neighborhood ball field conversion.

SNAG Golf Installation

When I first arrived on site I was struck by the beauty of this location, but was also overwhelmed by the magnitude of Terry Anton’s SNAG golf project. My immediate response was Terry is crazier than I am! I had spent two years planning and designing my backyard landscape project, turning my yard into my own private oasis with panel-based technology, and now Terry was surpassing me, transforming his backyard into a country club quality golf course to showcase his SNAG golf system with our patented interlocking UltraBaseSystems® panels.


It became obvious the team at SNAG was not fooling around. Heavy equipment was everywhere, and yards and yards of earth and tons of rock and boulders were being sculpted into one man’s vision for the future of golf.

After much planning the UltraBaseSystems® panels were delivered and staged around this four acre site along with the pre-cut nylon turf and fringe.

The existing rocky ground was graded to the best our ability and stone dust was brought in where needed to create contours and proper drainage pitch.

Due to the severe topographic changes on this sloped piece of real estate, stone dust was needed on several of the six greens to create the proper drainage and desired slope.

The stone dust was meticulously graded, compacted, and rolled. Several greens were being built at the same time by Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® president Dave Barlow and the hard working crew of Shane Hughes and Hughes Golf Greens, one of the best installers in the business.

Once the topography was correct, the UltraBaseSystems® geo fabric was installed.

Panels were then carefully staged on to the fabric and installation began; standard operating procedures for gaps.

These six 1,000-15,000 sq ft greens were no match for this crew.

The pre-cut turf was laid in place and dry fit with the fringe. Three different styles of greens totaling six greens were created as well as six 10×10 ft tee boxes.

This minimal fill putting turf was glued and carefully seamed by installation expert Shane Hughes.

Panels were eventually cut following the shape of the pre-cut turf and the turf is stapled, tucked and trimmed.

An Outdoor Putting Green Oasis

In a little over a week, tees and greens were complete and the task of final landscaping, sod and all the spectacular design features were installed.

You really need to see this installation in person to believe it. Terry Anton and SNAG have a vision for the growth of golf and now the sky is the limit for this new golf directive. For beginners to low handicappers, SNAG golf courses bring the fun back to golf for families of all ages at affordable prices.

Hole 6 Green

We are so proud that Terry has partnered with UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® to help fulfill his vision and we look forward to helping Terry bring a SNAG course to your community soon!