UltraBaseSystems® In Action

Ocean Front Putting Paradise

A referral from golf coach Hank Haney prompted project manager John Merrick of the Freeman Group to place a call to our Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® team, which started the ball rolling on this extraordinary rooftop putting course for the international vacation home of one of Hollywood’s top directors.

The 1,500 ft² space was initially scheduled to be a large planting area on the 7,000 ft² roof overlooking the ocean. Creative minds came together, and this six-hole putting course was designed and has proved to be one of our favorite projects yet.

UltraBaseSystems® owner Dave Barlow discusses the project process with John Merrick and Shane Hughes.



Standard operating procedures were in place for this installation. The pre-cut turf was laid in place to check design dimensions.

To create the contours Hank Haney designed, the fill material was muscled to the roof by this hardworking crew.

After all the contours were created to the proper elevations, the UBS geo fabric was installed and quickly followed with UltraBaseSystems® panels.


The panels were cut to fit the turf and around the pre-poured waterfall and stream that runs through and under the putting surface. The turf was carefully positioned and seamed. Once dry, the rubberized action back turf was stretched and stapled with the help of Shane Hughes of Hughes Golf Greens. Our helpers meticulously rolled and fluffed the turf to eliminate any staple marks.

Pre-installed cups were cut into the turf and the outer edge of the panels were packed with fill material for strength.


Ceramic fill was spread into the dense nylon turf, broomed, and rolled repeatedly. A quick watering and the course was ready for the landscape crew to do their magic.


The end result is a showplace putting course designed by one of golf’s top teachers, Los Angeles’ premier builder and architects, and built with the best putting green system on the market today.

Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® once again prove their spot as the finest putting green system on the planet.


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