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Rooftop Once considered to be a space only occupied by air conditioning units and pigeons, rooftops have taken on a new identity for recreation and leisure. The lightweight UBS system delivers unprecedented vertical and horizontal drainage, structural superiority underfoot, and the flexibility to follow any rooftop irregularities making the UltraBaseSystems® rooftop panel a perfect choice for converting unused rooftops into highly functional recreation and sports environments.

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Consistent Performance


Load Bearing

Load Bearing





Cost Savings

Cost Savings

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Your Rooftop, Reimagined

With space becoming more and more difficult to locate, the ability of bringing athletic and recreational areas to rooftops is a necessity. The per sq. ft. load rating of under two pounds per sq. ft. for UBS Professional and 1.1 pound per sq. ft. for UBS Champion, coupled with our patented vertical and horizontal drain system, makes our panel system a dream come true for architects and installers alike.

Install directly on the existing roof structure or incorporate a leveling pedestal system or position the panels on support joist. We have done it all! Rooftops across the world are getting a facelift and turning unusable space into structurally sound, safe active sport and entertainment havens.

Historically, rooftop installations presented quite  the challenge for customers  and installers alike. It was a blank canvas ready for a putting green, pet play area, sports field or just a great place to hang out and enjoy the view. However, the question was how to protect the integrity of the roof system, provide proper drainage, and most importantly, deliver end results that look as beautiful as a city park. With hundreds of rooftop installations to our credit, the UBS system has opened the eyes of an industry forever. Our interlocking panels deliver all the performance your rooftop project demands and more. Structurally superior yet light enough to satisfy the load requirements of any architect, barren rooftop landscapes are a thing of the past with UltraBaseSystems.

Test Results

UL 94 Compliance
Pro Panel Strength
Champion Panel Strength
Professional Horizontal Flow Rate
Champion Horizontal Flow Rate

Panel Weights

Professional Panel
Panel Weight:  9.1 lbs /4.12 kg per panel

PSI: Static load capacity for the weakest location of the panel is equivalent to 1335 psi (93.86 kgf/cm2) at 70ºF (21ºC). Load values when placed over a full descending cellular rib 1664 psi (117 kgf/cm2).

Champion Panel
Panel Weight: 5.38 lbs per panel / 2.44 kg per panel

PSI: Static load capacity for the weakest location of the panel is equivalent to 374 psi (26.3 kgf/cm2) at 70ºF (21ºC). Load values when placed over a full descending cellular rib 998 psi (70.17 kgf/cm2).


Yes. We have had innovative installers utilize our panels with adjustable pedestal systems, structural joist systems, or created a subfloor on which to rest the UBS panels. All of these procedures were implemented in an effort to elevate the panels and turf/athletic courts above any obstacles or obstructions on the existing roof.

Historically no, we have built hundreds of rooftop installations where the weight of the turf on top of the panels is all that is needed to keep the panels secured to the roof. The low profile aerodynamic design of the panels has, so far, allowed us to simply position the panels on the roof and install the turf. However, we do have methodologies of fastening the panels to a roof structure if there is a concern for high wind conditions. Consult our sales staff for this information.

In most cases, yes, the panels are engineered with a radius-ribbed bottom. However, in some cases, such as a rubber membrane, an additional stabilization fabric may be advised in order to ensure minimal indentation to the roof membrane.

UltraBaseSystems is an engineer’s dream product. Weighing less than two pounds per sq. ft., the structurally sound panels pose no load concerns for most roofing structures.

There are three major causes of a base failure: water, water, and water. If you have ground such as expansive clay soil, eliminating water from getting to the clay dramatically reduces the risk of base failure as well as reduces the amount of ground excavation and rock replacement.

Permeable allows water to flow through, and impermeable prevents water from passing into the ground.

We want this fabric to act like a support layer for the panels. By using a fabric like the ones we suggest, the panels stay resting on top of the properly prepared base which helps insure the horizontal drain slots stay clear. Without a stabilization fabric, the panels could sink in to the ground, choking horizontal flow.

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