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  • Light enough for most roof applications

  • Transport one at a time or bulk lift panels to the roof

  • Installed directly over roof or with pedestal or joist system

  • Transforms unusable space to prime real estate


  • Installs quickly, and stays in place

  • Weighing less than 2 pounds per square foot, the UBS panel roof system (UBS panel and geosynthetic fabric) won’t damage existing roof structures

  • Transport easily to roofs via stairs or elevators

  • Turf attaches easily to the perimeter of the installed panel configuration for secure placement

  • Can be used to span over unwanted utility obstacles with pedestals or joists

  • Turf barbs help keep turf in place in windy conditions

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Walk the panels up to the roof, snap them together and any roof space has a new purpose. Light-weight, yet wind-tolerable, the UBS roof system will make any rooftop or balcony the pride of the neighborhood.