Pavers and Bricks

It’s all about the base! If you thought installing concrete or brick pavers was just too labor intense, think again. The structural superiority and drainage properties of every UBS panel far out weighs a foam pad system making installation a snap. Chose a location, remove the existing grass, compact and install the UBS panel system. Now have some fun creating an amazing paver patio with the pride of knowing you did it yourself.

A Solid Foundation

Several years ago, we were told that 70% of all paver installation failures are due to base failure. Base failure is continuing to plague our industry. A house is only as strong as its foundation and UltraBaseSystems® is the ultimate foundation for any paver installation.

Get the Paver Look You Want

Our interlocking tooth design allows for perfect alignment from panel to panel, eliminating elevation change from stone to stone. You simply prepare and compact your base, lay down a geo fabric, and install our panels. Depending on stone type and desired look, you can install directly on our panels that have been covered with a thin geo textile layer to prevent sand wash through or screed a thin leveling course of sand on the geo covered panels to compensate for any stone height variations. What you will achieve is a solid base system with minimal ground excavation capable of supporting the weight of an automobile and the forces of Mother Nature. It just doesn’t get any easier for the homeowner or professional alike.