Custom Putting Greens We should be good at golf! We invented panel base putting greens over a decade ago. It’s all about perfect ball roll and UBS greens deliver perfection with every stroke. Dead flat or contoured to challenge any skill level, UltraBaseSystems® is improving golfers’ games on every continent in the world.

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Cost Savings

Load Bearing

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with my Putting Green and to thanks you for making a great putting green that is actually realistic and affordable. Feel free to use me as a reference any time!" - Timothy Muscaro DDS Tampa, FL

Global Golf Greens

Simply stated, no product can compete with the success of UBS and its sister panel, Tour Links®. With over 3 million ft² installed in 35 countries on 7 continents you cannot find a more recognized or trusted golf putting green product.

The Tour Links® Solution

From cruise ships to the White House, movie stars homes to thousands of backyards and basements; UBS panel base technology is the leader of the pack. Sold to virtually every major putting green company on the planet, our patented technology elevates the roll of a golf ball to levels rock and stone bases can never achieve. So whether you are building a golf teaching academy, a training center for your college golf team or simply ready to shave strokes off your game, UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® panels are the only solution. Thousands of golfers have trusted us to improve their game, shouldn’t you?

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