Popularity of Synthetic Grass On The Rise

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Good morning. I’m Dave Barlow, president of Innovative Base Technologies. A lot of you guys know it says UltraBaseSystems and Tour Links. I’m in my marketing office right now. We are doing a nice expansion here of our business. We’re building more offices, bringing more sales guys in, and that’s a good thing. We’re growing and we’re growing because the industry is growing. And I’ve got an article here that came across my desk couple days ago, and it’s from the Wall Street Journal and you can pull it up online. You’ll have to Google, probably have to do a little digging for it, but it was on July 18th, 2019 it’s called Home turf faux grass delivers without all the fuss. And what this article is about is the explosion across the country of synthetic turf in the forms of landscaping. Look, I got involved in this 20 years ago knowing that synthetic turf had a real place in homes and in commercial and arenas.

Residential Synthetic Grass Is The Next Big Thing

It’s always been about athletic fields and we all know that. And athletic fields were big areas and we love doing athletic fields. I think we got seven or eight going on right now. But to me, the excitement is really in the landscaping side of what homeowners and commercial applications are using. If you go into Dalton Georgia and you talk to any of the major manufacturers of turf, they’re all going to tell you the biggest growth area from here on out is going to be the landscaping side, and the pet side. And that’s what this article is all about. It’s about homeowners who were spending thousands of dollars on artificial landscaping, not only on plants but primarily on synthetic turf.

Why UltraBaseSystems Makes So Much Sense For Synthetic Turf Installations

I want to talk to you guys about this briefly. Look, we have spent a career in developing technology that makes installation easier and if you’re not taking advantage of technology that allow you to install more square footage and create better results, then you’re missing out. Because as this thing grows, if you’re locked in on traditional technology or traditional installation practices, because maybe it’s all you’ve ever known, that’s fine, but I would ask you to open your eyes up and maybe be receptive to some other ways of doing things. We built a great company here and we’re selling to so many of the major installation groups throughout the United States and the world and hundreds and hundreds of independents.

But what we’re hearing and what we’ve known is that by installing with UltraBaseSystems panels we can install faster, we create better results. We can build virtually anywhere. I don’t care if it’s a rooftop or the deck of a cruise ship or a small backyard that has no accessibility. We can build anywhere with our systems. But this article’s also talking about some of the things that are really affecting a lot of property owners, is water, water and chemicals. And here in Florida we can only fertilize our grass certain times of the year because of the potential runoff to the agricultural systems, the aquifer arm. But many parts of the country are in drought and they don’t have the ability to just have water, be able to runoff and not be collected. Water concerns are an issue. Chemical concerns are an issue and the maintenance side, it’s not inexpensive to maintain a natural grass lawn.

Why Synthetic Grass Is Taking Over

I think we’re all going to agree, there’s nothing prettier and smells better than a beautiful natural, grass yard. And I like to think myself, my back of my house is all synthetic. My front is still natural grass. All my problems land in the front and every time I turn around there’s some other type of disease eating my grass. Synthetic turf side for for landscaping is just exploding. And we’re seeing it not only with homeowners, but even here in St. Petersburg, downtown St. Petersburg, big renovation on Central Avenue. We probably have four or five projects going on right now. From breweries to shop holders, to we’re doing a casino near the Orlando I4 area, all looking for ways to install, to have something beautiful, something that invites traffic to walk on it, to play on it, where they can start quickly.

Faster Installations, Better Results, and No Limitations is Our Modo

Look, I’m telling you guys take a look at what we’re doing. See how we’re using our technology to expand the market. It’s obvious it’s happening. A couple months back, we had an article that we were involved with talking about how they’re building sports complexes in homes and basketball courts, mini pitches. This is all about synthetic grass in homes, whether it’s between pavers, dog runs or around a pool or just a front yard. Look at what we’re doing. I know we can help you install. The goal is, for all of us, install more turf, do it more cost effectively and make more money. That’s the goal.

One last thing, I thought was really interesting and I’ve always said this, the article talks about synthetic turf being first installed in 1964, is when synthetic turf was installed at the Astrodome in Texas. So many guys are still installing turf the same exact way as they did in 1964 and if you know anything about turf, it does not look like it did that many years ago. It’s beautiful now. It looks real. Really, you need to up your game, change the way that you’re installing, catch up with the technology that guys like me are providing. I really believe that we do it better than anybody in the world. And go to our website, UltraBaseSystems.com, look at what we’re doing, contact my staff, let us get you some samples. Let us show you how we can help you install. And as I said, it’s all about making more money. And if you could install more turf in less time, you’re going to make more money. And that’s the bottom line of it. Take a look. I think you’ll enjoy it and we’ll talk soon.