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  Conforms to landscape contours
  Rooftop friendly
  Smooth transition from panel to panel
  Overcomes sub base irregularities
  Predictable ball bounce and ball roll
  Turf stays put regardless of installation size or location
  Accepts heavy loads


• Install directly on a rooftop or elevate above
the roof’s surface with pedestals or joists
• Patented interlocking design ensures
perfect, no trip planarity panel to panel
• Structurally engineered to span over troublesome sub base irregularities
• Installed panels create a perfect planar covering for any recreational leisure activity
• Patented turf barbs help lock the turf in place to prevent sliding
• Engineered to accommodate landscaping and service vehicles
• Engineered to conform to terrain while mimicking what Mother Nature created

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Sod cut, grade and compact, install the fabric and panels–it’s that easy to create a level of consistent performance and visual perfection like never before. Transform any space into a professional work of art with simple DIY skills.