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  More square feet installed per day equals more revenue
  Reduces heavy construction requirements
  No site limitations
  Panels cut easily to any shape imaginable
  Perfect for rooftops and balconies
  Easy to maneuver to any job site


• Time is money and UBS saves time
• Perfect results for the skilled installer or
weekend craftsman
• Any size, any shape, anywhere
• Lightweight yet structurally sound–the perfect combination for any rooftop, balcony or weight challenged location
• Move the panels a truckload at a time or piece by piece up the stairs
• Replace volumes of rock base with a scientific solution
• Installing turf directly to the panels not only saves money but ensures proper fit and appearance
• Landscape spikes move. UBS panels don’t, even in the smallest of areas

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Panels and turf are easily installed around existing rock borders, trees, and pathways by simply cutting the panels with tools found in any homeowner’s garage. Turf fastens directly to the outer panel edge making small decorative areas structurally sound and easy to maintain.