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  Dramatically simplifies residential and commercial installations
  Less material, fuel and labor required
  UBS will outlast any turf
  Build it today, move it tomorrow. You will never lose your investment.


  Panels do not need to be removed and repositioned when a new turf is installed
  From lawns to rooftops, pavers to patios with one easy system
  Patented technology manufactured with
state-of-the-art processes
  Install it today. Relocate and reuse tomorrow.
  Panels stay looking new during use, reuse or relocation
  Eliminating a stone base allows for an easy return to natural grass
  Manufactured from environmentally friendly long-lasting polymeric blends

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

Minimal ground preparation allows for an easy transformation of any commercial or residential space into a maintenance free synthetic turf environment. Panel technology allows for the optional return back to natural grass or the family garden without excessive effort.