Many products in this industry lump safety in to one category, fall heights. This is extremely important, and UltraBase panels outperform the industry’s requirements every day, but to us safety is more than that. It is predictable ball roll due to perfect planarity, and sure footedness as result of our patented non-slide turf barbs. It is returning positive energy back to the athlete as well as assuring proper drainage. Now that’s what we call safety!

Every parent knows the thrill and anxiety that often comes with watching a child or student play a sport. Whether it’s an athletic field or a playground, the thought of a life changing injury is hard for any parent to imagine. We get it! UltraBaseSystems® is engineered with innovative technology designed to provide softer falls resulting in a safer play surface. The result is positive energy funneled right back to the athlete enhancing performance and endurance.

It’s a fact; a tired athlete is more likely to be injured than one that is playing with fresh legs and alert muscles. UBS provides superior shock absorption while channeling positive energy restitution back to the athlete, ensuring peak performance. Our structural design dissipates the fall energy away from the athlete, like a pebble being dropped in a pond, while delivering the proper peak performance energy back to the athlete. In essence, UltraBaseSystems® has accomplished the goal of an entire industry; providing a safer playing surface while improving the performance of the athlete. UBS is defining the standard for low GMAX coupled with unsurpassed structural stability.

The patented UBS alignment/locking system and turf barbs provide near perfect planarity from panel to panel, creating the smoothest, most predictable ball roll possible. True ball roll equals safer play.

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