UltraBaseSystems® In Action

Grass to Ice Conversion

We never cease to be amazed by the diversity of UltraBaseSystems® and the creativity and desire to succeed that so many of our skilled dealers possess. This has never been more evident than this amazing facility transformation at the Downtown Courtyard Marriot hotel in Greenville, SC, created by Henry van Antwerp and Scott Giles of Heritage Synthetic Turf.

Install the Base

The client’s desire to have an easy-to-convert, dual-purpose, common area for both a recreational grass area and a temporary ice skating rink didn’t faze this team of skilled technicians. The answer was simple. First, construct a 6,000 ft² solid base using UBS Standard 1.25 inch field panels and cover them with a great turf system.


Ice Rink Installation

When the time comes for ice, temporarily remove the turf, install a liner, chiller system, and dasher boards directly on top of the UBS panels, and grab your ice skates.


The weight of this ice rink was no challenge for the structural superiority of UBS. What is even more amazing was the return back to a greenscape area once the winter season was over. Thaw the ice, remove the liner, chiller, and dasher boards, and re-install the grass. Amazing. Just amazing!

Thank you to Henry and Scott for allowing us the opportunity to share with the world this incredible achievement. To see more great work from Heritage Synthetic Turf visit www.heritagesyntheticturf.com or contact them at (864) 934-9358.