Playgrounds | Kid Tested, Mom Approved Kids fall down, that’s a fact all parents have come to accept. UltraBaseSystems understands this behavior and is driven to create the safest, easiest to install playground system on the market today. In fact, not a day goes by that we are not asked when the new soft playground panel will be ready—soon, very soon. You demanded it, we are responding.

"Thanks for the help, you have a great product and I love using it. Makes my job easier for sure." - Shane Church

Safety is Essential

Safety, safety, safety. Nothing is more important than the well being and safety of kids. We recognized early on that by altering the chemical make up of the molded plastic in our panels we would be able to engineer a panel that delivered ease of installation in virtually any terrain and provide superior drainage while providing a safe alternative to traditional playground base solutions.

Less Maintenance More Fun

Installing synthetic turf products on our playground panels or an EPDM pour in place rubber system, is providing playground installers with a smart approach for base construction. Grade your chosen area, compact, lay out the permeable or impermeable geo fabric and simply install our panels. The synthetic turf attaches directly on the rubber blended panels and, in no time at all, the industry standard for fall height can be achieved without all the excavation and mess installers have faced for years. Do you have existing poles and structures to install around? That’s no problem with the flexible UBS playground panel. Cutting and installing around support posts is as easy as cutting a hole where necessary and snapping the panel around the obstacle. Install UBS indoors over concrete or place the panels on properly compacted earth base and in no time, you have a safe, well drained playground, bringing years of safety and fun for kids of all ages.