Athletic Courts Is basketball your game or a friendly match of bocce with the neighbors more your speed? UBS panels allow for the construction of a home or corporate court where zoning restrictions, lack of accessibility or the need for temporary recreational courts come in to play.

"I can't wait to see the smile on my new customers face after he sees how true the bocce ball rolls and especially how fast waters is swept away after a big rainstorm. Thanks for the UltraBase panels and thanks for keeping me busy." - Jim Dickson, Green Life Designs Galloway, NJ

Athletic Court Solutions

Once ridiculed as an unnecessary option to poured concrete slabs for construction of athletic tile courts, UltraBaseSystems® is at the forefront of this industry changing advancement. Responsible for installing tile courts on a panel base system nearly 10 years ago UBS continues to work tirelessly to make backyard courts more affordable, environmentally friendly and safer than ever before. Zoning regulations and environmental permeability issues are a thing of the past with UBS. UBS panels work well with all athletic tiles and help deliver a more comfortable court underfoot in far less time and with less hassle.

Less Invasive

Homeowners love our less invasive installation process and our ability to turn any area back to a garden or lawn once the kids have moved away. We have always said, the customer never loses their investment with UltraBaseSystems®. Trust the innovators not the imitators in athletic court base replacement systems.