First, and foremost, UltraBaseSystems is a rock base replacement structural system engineered to take the punishment today’s athletes unleash, a distinction that we have proudly earned throughout the industry. Providing heavy load capacity, and impact resistance, UBS is ready when the whistle blows.

“Built solid to play safe” isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s our mission!The structural superiority of every UBS panel is imperative to the performance of our system. Each panel is proudly manufactured from high impact, post-industrial recycled polymers and molded into a patented geometrically superior design capable of withstanding tremendous loads and impact. Our structural superiority allows for the dramatic reduction of traditional ground preparation, while delivering the strength required to support the weight of emergency vehicles and maintenance equipment.

For a non-turf application, place our panels on a properly prepared perfected base cover them with decorative concrete pavers. Instantly… a driveway capable of supporting the family vehicle.

A house is only as strong as its foundation, and UltraBaseSystems® is the foundation of a great installation. Soft play on a solid surface is no longer a dream; it is available with every UltraBaseSystems® panel.