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Whether you are a weekend do-it-yourselfer or a fulltime synthetic turf installer, UBS has changed the game. Our step-by-step systematic approach to installations can make anyone an expert overnight.

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When we say UltraBaseSystems® is so easy a child can do it, it is no exaggeration. Armed with a work force of twenty 5th-8th grade students, UBS inventor Dave Barlow installed the base for a 15,000 sq ft multipurpose field in 6 hours. The entire installation from dirt to turf was completed in 3 days! In fact, we have never encountered a project location where our panel system was not a perfect solution. The lesson learned? UBS ease of installation is a game changer! Designed to be installed virtually ANYWHERE! Imagine the advantage of retrofitting an entire professional soccer stadium from natural grass to a state of the art synthetic turf in just 6 days. On the following day, the field hosted the state football championships followed by a nationally televised college bowl game. Poor weather conditions, lack of accessibility or availability of materials, limited installation schedules or inexperienced work crews are no challenge for UltraBaseSystems®. Easy to install, easy to remove and easy on your budget.

Our Panels In Action

Here are field installations, athletic court installations and other applications that have used the Champion Panel.

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