The Ultimate Artificial Grass Drainage System

When a prominent civil engineer specializing in base design was asked, “What are the three main reasons for base failure on a synthetic turf field or artificial grass lawn?” His answer was quite simple; Water, water and more water.

We took this advice to heart and that is why Ultra Base Panels are designed to provide superior vertical and horizontal water flow. With vertical flow rates ranging from 340 to 1500 inches per hour running through the panels, coupled with our patented under side cell design which allows water to rapidly flow under the panel, UBS drains when it rains.

Regardless of whether you are installing on a permeable or impermeable surface, the storage capacity built into every UBS panel provides time for water to dissipate into the ground or run under the panels to an awaiting drainage system. A perfect combination of practicality and performance.

Panels installed without turf will drain vertically through the panel at a rate of over 350 in / 8890 mm (!) per hour.
Panels installed with a two and one quarter inch tall turf and filled with over 6 lbs/2,72 kg of sand and rubber will drain at rate of over 175 in/4445 mm per hour.

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Recommended Panels

The Ultra Base Panels ideal for creating artificial drainage systems are our Champion and Professional panels.


Ultra Base Systems


Professional Panel

Ultra Base Systems


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