Kids hate rainouts on game day, and it’s even worse if the field is still under water the next day. UBS knows the importance of keeping athletes playing. Our panels are designed for rapid vertical and horizontal flow as well as water storage capacity. So when it rains it drains.

A prominent civil engineer who specializes in base design was asked, “What are the three main reasons for base failure on an athletic field or an architectural landscaping project?” His answer was quite simple; Water, water and more water. We listened! UltraBaseSystems® is designed to provide superior vertical and horizontal water flow, draining water away from the athlete and off the field. With vertical flow rates ranging from 340 to 1500 inches per hour running through the panels, coupled with our patented under side cell design which allows water to rapidly flow under the panel, UBS drains when it rains. Regardless of whether you are installing on a permeable or impermeable surface, the storage capacity built into every UBS panel provides time for water to dissipate into the ground or run under the panels to an awaiting drainage system. A perfect combination of practicality and performance.