What is Panel Base Technology?
Over 20 years ago we set out on the path of replacing “Mass with Science” – In other words, eliminating as much site preparation and construction restrictions as possible yielding unparalleled speed of installation all with a single panel solution. With 18 US and International patents issued, IBT has secured its position as the global leader in panel base technologies.

Innovative Base Technologies provides a host of innovative products for creating smarter places to work, play and relax by dramatically reducing or in many cases eliminating the need for traditional earth, stone, concrete and asphalt foundations. Our revolutionary, patented, inter-locking panel base technology delivers safety, performance, permeable or impermeable drainage capabilities, ease of installation, reusability and structural integrity in a single panel solution. No other company in the industry has solved more problems when it comes to providing installation solutions in virtually any location around the world. Our product line up provides state-of-the-art foundations for both indoor and outdoor athletic turf fields, playgrounds, putting greens, landscapes, pavers, rooftops, pet areas, dance floors, event displays, recreational areas and numerous other court and floor applications.

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Professional Panel

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