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• Supports high residential or commercial traffic
• Properly installed panels and turf systems support the load of residential and commercial maintenance equipment
• Panels bridge uneven sub bases
• UBS Panels eliminate the need for an outdated compacted rock base
• Perfectly flat or contoured bases are easily achieved with UBS panels


• The hexagonal cell structure distributes loads evenly across the panel surface
• Manufactured and engineered from high impact and high strength polymers
• Geometric design spans sub base imperfections
• Huge homeowner advantages in eliminating unwanted excessive construction practices
• Mimics the feel underfoot of a perfectly manicured yard or park

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

The patented UBS system is designed to replace or minimize the need for outdated and unnecessary stone base work while providing all the strength and support for any residential or commercial activity. Host a concert, hold a carnival, or even build a temporary ice rink, it has all been done before with UltraBaseSystems.