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A World of Possibilities with UltraBaseSystems®

The game may be the same, but the opportunity to learn the skills to compete at an international level is hindered in many parts of the world due to the unacceptable conditions in which many children and aspiring athletes must play the game they love. The image of enthusiastic young athletes chasing a ball through a cloud of dust is one that must be replaced with a new vision.

UltraBaseSystems® has changed the game forever

The state-of-the-art UltraBaseSystems® panels are designed to allow quality synthetic turf fields to be constructed virtually anywhere in the world with dramatically reduced equipment and skilled labor requirements. In many cases, the enthusiasm and sweat of the community is all that is needed to transform a dry, rock-covered dust bowl into a state-of-the-art field that any athlete would be proud to play on.

One such transformation was impressively accomplished at a school in an economically challenged area of Tampa, Florida, where the young students and staff pitched in to create their new “field of dreams.” The pride they experienced from helping to build their own sports facility continues to fuel our enthusiasm to make this new vision a global reality.

Use of the UBS panels can overcome local material shortages and accessibility barriers associated with synthetic turf installations. We will bring the field to the community and what a great field it will be! From full-size soccer and rugby pitches to smaller, less costly mini pitches, there is no longer any reason a child should play on a substandard ball field.

It is our goal to bring this revolutionary technology to all corners of the world and watch the amazing results our fields can have on young athletes and their communities. Never before has this ease of installation, with FIFA quality results, been possible. In just a few days to a week the transformation will be amazing, and the community enthusiasm resulting from participation in the installation will lift the spirits of those involved. Not to mention the skill level of future champions.

The time is now, the product is UltraBaseSystems®, and the goal is to provide every child in Africa and throughout the world the opportunity to participate in sport and reach their highest potential, both athletically and personally. Sport is a wonderful endeavor to bring a community together and UBS brings sports to the people like no product ever before.

UltraBaseSystems® makes dreams happen!

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