UltraBaseSystems® In Action

Pet Paradise – Atlanta

When contacted by one of the largest pet hotel chains in the country to provide a much-needed alternative to the rock and gravel sub base construction method that they used in the past, for use in their new Atlanta kennel location, we were certain that UltraBaseSystems® would perform far beyond the client’s expectations.

Pet Paradise, which operates one of the country’s most successful pet hotel chains, had installed nearly 250,000 sq ft of synthetic turf on rock base and was desperate to find a better solution. 15,000 sq ft of UltraBaseSystems® panels were quickly installed, both indoors and outdoors, over a poured concrete slab, creating a state-of-the-art kennel installation. The superior drainage of the UBS system allows for pet waste to be washed away quickly and flow to the in-ground drain and sanitation system. Pets stay dry and clean on UltraBaseSystems® panels and the turf stays in place due to the patented turf barbs, even under the stampede of dozens of happy four-legged hotel guests.

UltraBaseSystems® shows once again the diversity and superiority of the panel system for nearly any synthetic turf condition. Install UBS over a concrete slab or a compacted earth base and a perfect pet kennel installation is hours away. To the delight of the Pet Paradise owners, UltraBaseSystems® was a perfect solution for the new Atlanta location and hopefully many more to come.