IBT Panels Create Structures - No Need For Concrete

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I want to talk to you a bit about what I call building in a structure. And what I mean by structure, it could be from an inflatable tent, it could be a metal Butler type building, it could be a free standing building that is a dome building that you see, for example, Tesla built to house their production facility. So we are really proud of the fact that in the past we have been able to show that UltraBaseSystems panels being used for say a sports field inside of a dome can eliminate the need for the concrete.

Our Panels Are Perfect For Creating Structure Without the Need For Concrete or Stone

It only makes sense. The building’s enclosed, you don’t have issues with water. So you can grade and compact, put down an impermeable stabilization fabric and then one of our panel systems and now you’ve got the ability to build your sports field. Or it could be, we’ve done it for golf ranges, we’ve done putting greens, we’ve done miniature golf courses all without needing to build or pour concrete. And that’s huge being, we’re talking about an enormous amount of money that could be saved that can either go right in your pocket or can be used for other aspects of the building. But there’s other sides of this thing that we’re excited by because we have now developed Ultra Base Floor, we’re seeing the product being used as a flooring system. I’ve always wanted that. I’m so excited by it because we’ve got the ability now to take our product and use it as a floor system. And lately we’ve been selling it to the United States Military, which I’m very proud of the fact that we’re doing that, for maintenance sheds, for personnel areas. In fact, we’ve got a container going right now to Africa that’s being used in a Army facility to actually repair helicopters on.

Save Money While Getting Better Results, Quicker

So the product is strong, it’s easy to install. The military people are doing it. And again, it takes the place of all that ground preparation. And if you’re really thinking about a tent facility or a dome facility that’s coming up and down, this is a no brainer because why the heck do you want to pour concrete or pour stone in to an area and lose all that money? So think about IBT and Ultra Base and our family of products when you’re doing some type of a structural facility. We can help you do that all the time. We already talked about if you’ve got a structural facility that’s got synthetic turf and you want to convert it into a new athletic court, I think in our last episode we talked about how we’re converting turf into court. So we’ve got that going on.

Think About UltraBase for Your Next Structure Project

So with all the things that we’re doing here, which is what I talked about earlier about our growth, all the things we’re doing here, there’s a lot of options for you. So think about UltraBaseSystems being used in your structures. We have down here in Florida, they say before the electric, think before you dig, we’re telling you to think before you pour. There are options for you that can save you money. Get with our sales staff, get with me, we’ll help you walk through and maybe we can make some good decisions about how we can save you money on the next interior building space that you’re doing.