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• Turf Savings

• Added field design flexibility
• Lower pile height. Less infill

• Quicker, more efficient base and turf installation

• Modularity and easy interlocking panels
• Base does not need to be repositioned when a new turf is installed
• Mitigates sub base irregularities

• Base does not need to be removed when a new turf is installed

• Reinstalls are much quicker and more economical

• More on-field usage

• Tough design enables more on-field usage
• Investment Protection (Leaseability, carbon footprint, relocation)


• Interlocking design minimizes lateral and vertical movement so the panels stay in place
• Patented design allows for the use of less fill
• Cell structure provides uniform load distribution
• Sturdy design supports heavy equipment
• Panels won’t degrade during use, reuse or relocation

UltraBaseSystems in Action  

It stands to reason that if less site preparation is required due to the engineered design of each UltraBaseSystems panel, then less labor and man hours will be required to complete an installation. This reduction in time saves costly labor and expensive equipment rentals.  The result being a high quality safety and performance-driven field constructed in far less time putting teams back on the field sooner while allowing contractors to sell and install more turf per month.