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How are the UBS panels different than say the field or golf panel?

The UltraBaseSystems playground panels are molded from a soft elastomeric polymer which creates a softer fall zone than our standard panels. The advantage of our product over a foam base is the proven drainage UBS provides and the ease of installation every UBS system affords. The base is prepped, the panels assembled and the turf installed. The difference is the soft feel underfoot.

How high of a fall height can UBS achieve?

In our opinion this is all about the complete system. Different pile heights and densities of turf as well as amounts and types of fill all play a role in drop heights. The UBS playground panel is a work in progress. We are achieving encouraging fall numbers on lower drop heights and working on a base preparation system to achieve fall heights over 6 ft. Our goal is to bring a safe product to the market and not over promise the results.

Indian Rocks Playground

UltraBaseSystems® panels continue to show their versatility with this recently completed playground installation.

This concrete, carpet-covered site was not only an eyesore but potentially dangerous for the pre-kindergarten children.

A softer blend of UltraBaseSystems® panels is installed over the concrete slab in just a few hours.

The flexibility of the softer panels make easy work of cutting around equipment and shade tarp poles and flexing the panels into position around these fixed obstructions.

If desired, a thin layer of needle punch geotextile can be placed under the panels as a sound deadening agent to prevent any tapping of the panels on the concrete slab due to uneven surface areas.

Polypropylene turf is cut and meticulously fit around the metal poles and seamed. The turf is cut to fit and stapled around the perimeter top edge then folded over the panels and secured to create a clean finished edge.

The playground equipment is reassembled and the new shade protector is installed, which will be a welcome feature for this Florida installation.

In a day and a half this 750 sq ft playground is completed and ready for years of safe fun.

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Doug Does Panels

I have always believed that no matter what you are going to do in life, be the very best. Doug Steeves, President of Synthetic Turf of Illinois, exemplifies this philosophy. The work showcased in this presentation not only shows the diversity of UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® panels, but how easy UBS makes growing your client base regardless of the customers’ needs. We believe that our panel system has no limits, and obviously Doug shares our vision. From a 3,000 sq ft playground to a 5,000 sq ft multipurpose, rooftop, athletic play area overlooking the skyline of Chicago to creating golf training areas in hundreds of homes across Chicago; Doug has panel base installation down to an art.

Thanks again to Doug Steeves and Synthetic Turf of Illinois. Be sure to visit their site www.synturfil.com or call (855) 796-8873. We hope you enjoyed these photos and gain inspiration from one of the best in our family of installers.

Doug Does Playground Flooring

Doug Does Athletic Courts and Greenscapes

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