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Below are the Featured Topics in Episode 2 of Building Smarter with UltraBaseSystems

New Low Cost Material and Low Expansion Options

We are excited to release and talk about our new lower pricing material with the option to upgrade to low expansion material!

Relaunch of Designer Greens - Easy to Assemble Outdoor Putting Green Kits

UltraBaseSystems is happy to announce the relaunch of our Designer Greens Series. Now made more affordable using the Professional Panel system, learn how these kits will help you get more business, and awesome outdoor putting greens!

What is GMAX and HIC - Why it Matters for Fields and Playgrounds

We often get questions from our dealers about what exactly GMAX and HIC scores are, and why they are relevant. In this month’s episode, we explore and explain these two critical measurements and what they mean!

New International Dealers Program with UltraBaseSystems

The cost of shipping panels around the world can be a costly and long-winded process. We’ve listened and heard you – introducing our new worldwide international dealer program. Get panels faster, and cheaper.