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Below are the Featured Topics in Episode 1 of Building Smarter with UltraBaseSystems

Futsal on Ultra Base Court

Introducing Ultra Base Court - All-In-One Court Surface

A stable foundation combined with a high-performance play surface is the industry’s first all-in-one, easy-to-install economical court solution.


Introducing Ultra Base Floor - Complete Flooring Solution

Install it for an hour, enjoy it for a lifetime.

Rooftop Built with UltraBaseSystems

Rooftop Revolution - Real-Estate Is At A Premium And Rooftop Construction Is On The Rise

See how UltraBaseSystems is revolutionizing rooftop construction.

Green Rooftop

Green Rooftops - Create a Living Oasis in The Sky

See how installers are taking advantage of UltraBaseSystems lightweight panels to create stable and fully permeable living green rooftop systems.

UltraBaseSystems Flip It

No Matter How You Flip-It - Laying the foundation for better driveways and paver installations.

Once again, UltraBaseSystems is turning traditional construction techniques upside down.

New 20 Year Warranty

UltraBaseSystems Introduces a New Warranty!

We have increased the UBS warranty to 20 years.