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The Best Way To Build a Bocce Court

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So you’ve got some space in your back yard and you want to create some type of entertainment feature. You’re not a golfer, you don’t want to play tennis, you don’t want to play basketball. Well, game courts are fun things to build. Let’s talk about bocce ball for a second. Bocce ball has been around for a lot of years and it’s a great game when you have a party with your family. I love playing it, it’s like horse shoes, it’s just a fun, interactive game.

How Bocce Courts are Traditionally Built

Traditionally, bocce has been built where they would come into your area and first of all you’re going to see a Bobcat or some type of equipment come in and excavate the ground, they’re going to bring in all the stone and compact this area, or they’re going to pour a concrete slab, it’s going to basically destroy your yard and tons and tons of material coming in all compacted. Then they put down the turf and then you play.

The Issue With Building Them That Way

Well the problem with that is that one, it’s invasive. Second of all it’s expensive and thirdly, you’re going to have a sub base that will begin to fail in time. It’s either going to have potentially washed out with rain or just the repeated ball rolling down the bocce lane is going to begin to create erosion or dips in the turf and consequently the ball is going to be unpredictable.

Why UltraBaseSystems Panel Base Technology Is The Solution

Ultra Base has solved that, we’ve been doing it for years. By going into your back yard and just grading an area and getting it leveled and flat the way you want it. Put down our stabilization fabric and then the inch and a quarter Ultra Base Professional panel. Covering that then with a turf of choice, which we say would be like a putting turf maybe, like a five-eighths inch, or a half inch putting turf, put a couple pounds of sand in that.

Now you’ve got something that is going to allow that bocce ball to roll pure. You can loft the balls into it, hit the surface and it’s not going to dent the ground because remember, our panels are structural, they’re solid. So you’ve got this great solution that’s going to give you predictable ball roll, easy for you to assemble in your back yard and here’s the best part, you decide you want to move, you can take it away and pack it up and reinstall it in your next house. So the UltraBaseSystems for bocce is a great one and I’m sure you are going love the results and your friends and family are going to really thank you for doing this.

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