The Best Outdoor and Indoor Floor Tiles | Durable Waterproof Flooring and Base Floor

Now that we’ve got Ultra Base Floor, we are really overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to us asking for Ultra Base Floor as a flooring solution. What do I mean by that? Well, you probably know, or if you don’t, if you haven’t been to, look at the our product section and look at Ultra Base Floor, but we’ve created a floor system that is… It’s an inch and a quarter tall, has an anti-skid surface on it, drains vertically and horizontally. Soon, it will have no hole drain holes if you want it that way, decorative edges, ADA compliant ramps and one of my favorite features, ways to run wires through our panels, whether you’re trying to do a dance floor or an event floor.

Modular Flooring Panel System With Different Applications

We’re seeing now the floor panel being used for things that I tell you, I didn’t even really think of about when I wrote the business plan. For example, we are using our floor panels as roller skating areas. We are providing a portable roller-skating rink that could be built virtually anywhere. We all know COVID locked a lot of people out of buildings, so we’re able to build roller skating rinks. We’re doing dance floors. We’ve got colleges have come to us. They want to bring their entire dance studio outdoors on our floor. Weddings. We just did our first wedding pavilion recently, as weddings are starting to open up. You’ve got the trade show industry that I’ve mentioned before. You’ve got your garage. You’ve got a basement scenario. This is a totally different. It’s still a floor, but think about a wet area in your basement, if you’re living up north, that always is damp. Put our Champion panel down, put a carpeting on top of that and you’ve got a nice barrier between the concrete and the underside of my panel, a barrier to allow air to flow through to keep that carpet dry.

Durable Panels - Capable of Load Bearing Strength

All these things really lead us into the world of flooring. We were really excited by all aspects of it, from the residential side to the construction and commercial side. Personally, I own property up in Virginia that someday I’ll retire too. I’m putting paddles down in large expanses about… I said large, 30 by 20 areas and I’m stacking all the lumber that I’m going to be using to build my house on our panels. Number one, it keeps it high and dry. Everything’s nice and clean and neat. My forklifts can drive onto it to load. Think about our panel as really a great option for your flooring needs from residential, commercial, event, trade show and personally, everything in between. Check us out. Again, go to our products and go to the Ultra Base Floor. Really, I think you owe it to yourself to see what we’re now doing with the flooring side of the world.

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