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Relaunch of Designer Greens - Easy to Assemble Outdoor Putting Green Kits

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Another very exciting side of the DIY program is going to be the relaunch of our Designer Greens series. I developed these things a lot of years ago. I love them. Didn’t take off the way that I hoped that they would, but we’re doing them a little bit differently this time.

What You Get in the Designer Greens Series Kits

What it is, we’re going to offer two sizes to start with, a 15 foot by 17 foot and an 18 feet by 23 foot putting green, and what they come to you are all of the panels are precut. In this case, they are meant, really, as outdoor greens, and they’re going to be done with the UltraBaseSystems. But the panels are precut. The turf is precut. The fringe is precut. Comes with your fabric. Comes with your regulation cup accessories, your cups, your pin sets. Everything’s there. Everything is a ready-to-install kit. And what it allows you to do, a homeowner or a dealer, is to buy a pre-done custom green, that all it’s going to require is some ground preparation by the homeowner or by the installer. The panel goes down, and really, in less than a day, in many cases probably in a couple of hours, you’re going to have a fully functional backyard custom-looking putting green.

The Fastest Way to Build Awesome Outdoor Putting Greens

We’ve already received, really, a lot of interest from major distribution groups that want to offer it to their customers, or who a lot of these guys are landscape installers, who really don’t know that much about installing putting greens, but this is a great way for them to enter into that market, and it’s also a great way for you veterans to say, “You know what? We’re just going to buy a kit like this and pop it in the ground, and we’re in and out in a couple, three, or four hours.” So, we’re very excited by it. The first one is being put together now. We know it works.

More Affordable Than Our Previous Designer Greens

We’ve done it for years in the past, but again, with the UltraBaseSystems panels, we think it’s a better outdoor solution. We found some great pricing on getting the panels precut. That was always one of the tough parts. Getting the panels precut was oftentimes more expensive than the panels themselves, so we solved that problem, so we’re really excited by this. That, coupled with the lower cost of the UltraBase panels, I think we got a real winner here, and we’re looking forward to sharing this with you in the upcoming weeks.

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