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Introducing Ultra Base Floor - The Complete Flooring Solution

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Okay. So we talked about the Ultra Base Court system. And now I want to talk a little bit more about Ultra Base Floor. And essentially it’s the same panel but there are accessories that we design that really turn it into a complete floor system. A lot of you guys know I came from the exhibit industry. We built trade show exhibits. And we were always searching for a flooring system. The idea of having something that you could put down onto an existing concrete or dirt floor, be able to walk on it, run wiring through it, build a tent around it. There are so many applications. I’ve got a list behind me from military tent flooring to shed floors, dog kennels, RV pads, trade show exhibit flooring. It just goes on and on and on.

So what makes it turn into a floor system? Well, we showed you earlier, this is the panel. Currently, this is the texture that we have. It’s a very good system because it’s a very high coefficient of friction. So if it’s going to be a dance floor or for a trade show, it’s going to be a really good non-slip surface.

The Ability to Add Various Textures and Finished Looks

We have some fun ideas about what we want to do with textures. I’m just going to share them right now while I’m here. It’s always been my dream that panel could maybe begin to look like brick. Or we make it look like cobblestone, or wood grain. So this is the next generation. Imagine that panel I just showed you being made to look like a surface that you’d see as a paver, as a stepping stone, as a deck covering. So there’s an infinite number of things we could do moving forward and changing the molds out for that process.

There’s also processes out there that we have found that we could spray textures on top the panels which are adhering extremely well. And these kind of look almost like an asphalt shingle. Extremely, extremely strong. In fact, right here you can see where we were actually were having to try to grind it off. It’s very, very solid, secured on here. Again, the whole idea is to take this floor system and turn it into a variety of textures and surfaces for lots of different needs.

Transforming The Panels Into a Complete Flooring System With Modular Accessories

So what really makes it turn into a floor are some of the co-accessories that we’ve designed. You guys always hear me talk about the patents that we have and it’s very important to me. We have 18 patents and I think that’s what keeps us ahead of that game, that we’re always thinking about what’s next.

This is the wire chase management system and the wire chase junction box. And what these do, we wanted to design this so we had a way to service cabling, whether it’s HDMI or an extension cord or video cabling directly from the top of the panel. So by essentially removing the lid, you’ve now got an area here that you can run your cabling in. If you’re outside and water gets in there, it’ll run out. You basically then snap the lid back on and you’ve got a system that’ll allow you to run cables all the way through your panels. You can do these along the edge. You can do these in the middle of the panel. And because we’re talking about the middle of the panel we have to create this little junction box.

The junction box is essentially a four-way intersection that can link directly into the panel and allows you to basically run different directions. So it really allows you to service cabling from the top of the panel. And that’s important. You’re doing a trade show and you’ve got a kiosk over here or you’re parking your car over here, you want lighting. This will allow you to neatly and cleanly run cabling through. I think about the idea of military tent flooring, to be able to have this floor system go down and be able to run data cables throughout the floor to communication systems, computers or whatever.

So essentially this little device right here. These two pieces right here really propelled us into the world of flooring systems. As we showed you earlier, obviously, we want it to look good. So the same court edge that we’re using on the court panel is used for flooring edge. And, of course, an ADA compliant ramp that allows us to get pedestrians to walk on to the floor. If you’re building it for a shed floor, you need to have a way to drive your tractor or your ATV or your motorcycle into the shed.

So all these devices really have taken the Ultra Base panel to a whole new stratosphere. We are now a full-blown floor system. And to me I really believe at the end of the day we will be written about more on the floor side of what we’ve accomplished, maybe even more than turf. Because the possibilities are endless and I think you guys, just your imagination is really your only limitation as they say. Where can we use the product? And how can we better create a solid surface for people to work and play on? So that’s Ultra Base Floor system. We’re looking forward to sharing more with you as we go along.

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