UltraBaseSystems® In Action

SNAG Golf Installation

When I first arrived on site I was struck by the beauty of this location, but was also overwhelmed by the magnitude of Terry Anton’s SNAG golf project. My immediate response was Terry is crazier than I am! I had spent two years planning and designing my backyard landscape project, turning my yard into my own private oasis with panel-based technology, and now Terry was surpassing me, transforming his backyard into a country club quality golf course to showcase his SNAG golf system with our patented interlocking UltraBaseSystems® panels.


It became obvious the team at SNAG was not fooling around. Heavy equipment was everywhere, and yards and yards of earth and tons of rock and boulders were being sculpted into one man’s vision for the future of golf.

After much planning the UltraBaseSystems® panels were delivered and staged around this four acre site along with the pre-cut nylon turf and fringe.

The existing rocky ground was graded to the best our ability and stone dust was brought in where needed to create contours and proper drainage pitch.

Due to the severe topographic changes on this sloped piece of real estate, stone dust was needed on several of the six greens to create the proper drainage and desired slope.

The stone dust was meticulously graded, compacted, and rolled. Several greens were being built at the same time by Tour Links® and UltraBaseSystems® president Dave Barlow and the hard working crew of Shane Hughes and Hughes Golf Greens, one of the best installers in the business.

Once the topography was correct, the UltraBaseSystems® geo fabric was installed.

Panels were then carefully staged on to the fabric and installation began; standard operating procedures for gaps.

These six 1,000-15,000 sq ft greens were no match for this crew.

The pre-cut turf was laid in place and dry fit with the fringe. Three different styles of greens totaling six greens were created as well as six 10×10 ft tee boxes.

This minimal fill putting turf was glued and carefully seamed by installation expert Shane Hughes.

Panels were eventually cut following the shape of the pre-cut turf and the turf is stapled, tucked and trimmed.

An Outdoor Putting Green Oasis

In a little over a week, tees and greens were complete and the task of final landscaping, sod and all the spectacular design features were installed.

You really need to see this installation in person to believe it. Terry Anton and SNAG have a vision for the growth of golf and now the sky is the limit for this new golf directive. For beginners to low handicappers, SNAG golf courses bring the fun back to golf for families of all ages at affordable prices.

Hole 6 Green

We are so proud that Terry has partnered with UltraBaseSystems® and Tour Links® to help fulfill his vision and we look forward to helping Terry bring a SNAG course to your community soon!