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Paul Smith, Executive Director of Finley Stadium (left) and Hank Steinbrecher, Former Secretary General US Soccer Federation 1990-2000 (right)


“We are just so excited to have the U.S. Women’s team playing in Chattanooga on our new AstroTurf with the UltraBase system. It’s great knowing that the best team in the world will be playing on the best turf system in the world.” Paul Smith, Executive Director of Finley Stadium

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“It’s great knowing that the U.S. Soccer has faith in putting the U.S. Women World Cup team on this turf System. It’s even better knowing that we will save hundred’s of thousands down the road with the UltraBase system. Our investment in the UltraBase and AstroTurf system has paid immediate dividends! Having the best begins from the bottom up and that’s what we will have in Chattanooga, UltraBase, AstroTurf 3D Extreme and the U.S. Women’s World Cup Champion team!” Paul Smith, Executive Director of Finley Stadium